Higher Frame Rates Are The Future!

I have just come out of seeing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in 48FPS. Firstly I saw the movie in 24 just incase I didn’t like the higher frame rate but it turns out, I absolutely loved it. I can’t quite fathom exactly how and why the higher frame rate causes people to feel nauseated. I know everyone is different but I can confidently say that one day this will be the norm and every film will be released in 48FPS instead of the stale and dated 24FPS.

For those who don’t know, let me explain exactly what it is meant by 48FPS. A film is made up of images, hence the name moving picture, usually 24 different images are shown within one second, therefor creating the illusion that it’s moving. However, when it comes to 48FPS we are shown double the amount of images in a second, this is said to increase the reality and clarity of the films that we are watching. A lot of modern TVs have an option which you can select called Motion Plus, this makes everything on your TV look as though you are watching it in 48FPS. Below you can see two different GIFs, the top one is the typical 24FPS and the one below is the newly introduced 48FPS (wait for the GIFs to fully load before judging).





They aren’t the best representation of what double the amount of frame rate is like but they give you a rough idea. Many people say that the second looks like a “soap opera,” I personally don’t see that, I think that it adds a lot more realism. When it comes to The Hobbit people thought that the 48FPS took you out of the experience and even made some people nauseas. I personally thought it added a huge amount to the experience, it made the film look a lot realistic and gave the film such a real life feel, and I loved it.

A higher frame rate is meant to make the video appear smoother, this is because you are seeing more images per second. Where the higher frame rate really shines is when the camera is panning, in The Hobbit when the camera pans along the snowy mountains you cannot say that you don’t prefer it to the 24FPS, the higher frame rate just looks perfect. Many people think that the higher frame rate should only be used on documentaries because it makes landscapes look exceptionally beautiful, the majority feel that the higher frame rate doesn’t look right when people are involved, they feel as though it looks “sped up” I personally don’t feel this way.

I don’t know if any of you remember the re-launch/introduction of 3D into the cinema, people really weren’t convinced and said that it was just a gimmick (I personally still think that studios slap it on some films just for a crash grab). When Avatar came along people were blown away by the impact 3D could have on the movie going experience, Avatar changed the movie industry forever and I think it will again. James Cameron will be filming the Avatar sequels in 60FPS and I think that when they are released it will make people realise that higher frame rates are definitely the way forward.

By nature humans don’t like change, and that is exactly what this is, we have had 24FPS since the birth of film, and many people feel that there isn’t a reason to change. I remember when everyone first got timeline on Facebook, everyone was complaining about how bad it is and how much they hated it, but now, no one cares because it has become the norm, the same thing will happen with higher frame rates. I’m glad that more and more directors are going to start directing their movies in higher frame rates, once they start pushing it then the more likely the general public are to lap it up like they did 3D.

When it comes down to it whether you like higher frame rates or not, it is all down to personal preference. It’s like 3D as a lot of people just don’t like to watch stuff in 3D and it will be similar with higher frame rates for the next few years until eventually they will become standard for all movies, along with ultra high definition and 3D. Once a few more films are out in higher frame rate more people will begin to like it, then there will become a point where people will only watch movies in a higher frame rate as the quality of 24FPS just doesn’t compare, and I hope that day is soon.

Have you seen The Hobbit yet? If so, what was your opinion of the higher frame rate? Do you think it will catch on? I would love to hear your thoughts below. Thanks for reading.



The Inbetweeners USA Episode 1 – Review

I am a very big fan of the original UK series and when I heard that America were planning a remake of yet another British show I was disappointed but when I found out that MTV, the same channel that made the short lived and terrible remake of UK’s Skins, I was even more let down. After watching the trailer I was not at all impressed, it looked as though the script was going to be EXACTLY the same as the UK version but just spoken by extremely poor actors and that’s exactly what it turned out to be.

If you took the first half of the first episode of the UK Inbetweeners and the second half of the second episode and mashed them together but added diabolical acting, tacky American references and the same jokes we have already heard so many times then you would get the first episode of USA Inbetweeners. If you haven’t realised by now I very much hated this remake of our series which isn’t surprising because apparently us Brits ‘hate everything’ America remakes. It’s true America do fail at attempting to remake many of UK’s television shows such as Skins, Shameless and now The Inbetweeners. There are a few exceptions for example, The Office is a great adaptation of our TV series and that is because the writer has stuck with it and not just handed it over to an American studio to have complete control of it.

I would say one of the worst parts of this series has to be the absolutely horrific acting that is delivered by Bubba Lewis (Simon), Zack Pearlman (Jay), Joey Pollari (Will) and Mark L. Young (Neil). These four ‘actors’ fail to have the same comedic timing that the actors in the original managed to nail so much. There is no chemistry between the characters, their relationships are just flat and boring, the banter between them doesn’t feel real it just feels awkward and forced which really doesn’t help the flow of the show. The creators of this show have tried so hard to fit these actors fit into the mould of the original characters but here they don’t fit one bit. The only character they have attempted to change is Neil, in the original he is slow-witted and extremely hilarious, in this remake he is just a normal, boring, unpopular schoolboy which makes it even more painful to sit through.

The script of this show hasn’t been altered much at all, at many points of the show it is a word for word copy of the originals script. The only difference is the swearing or the lack of, the foul language has clearly been dialled down for the easily offended married American audience. When the inevitable swearing comes they are covered by an irritating beep to hide the cuss word. The Inbetweeners (UK) is probably one of the most crude and rude shows I have watched in a long time, I don’t know how they thought they could transfer this into a country where they are offended by nearly everything. Everything about this show fails miserably and if I was the creator of this show I would be extremely ashamed of myself that I have ruined yet another outstanding British series.

I would not recommend this remake to anyone, if you are a fan of the original STAY AWAY, if you aren’t a fan of the original STAY AWAY, if you have eyes and ears STAY AWAY. This is yet another shoddy remake, I don’t know how many failures it will take until America realise that because a show is popular in the UK and on BBC America it doesn’t mean you have to remake it because I can tell you now you will do a terrible job.


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Game Of Thrones Season 1 – Review

I have been waiting to watch this series for ages and I have finally got round to it and I really don’t know why I didn’t watch it before. This series is absolutely phenomenal; I have now become a huge fan and cannot wait for season two to start up in April. Game Of Thrones is a HBO adaptation of the amazing books written by George R.R. Martin. It is set in fantasy medieval world where seven different families are fighting for control over the land Westeros.

Let’s start off by talking about the absolutely astonishing acting, the stand out performance obviously comes from the biggest name in this series, Sean Bean, he delivers an astounding performance as Ned Stark. Another one of the standout performances in this show is Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister, the evil imp, his performance supplies some humour to an otherwise dark and serious show. I felt like the series overall was phenomenally casted and I really couldn’t think of anyone better to play these characters. This great casting mixed with the brilliant acting really made me feel for these characters as if I had known them for years.

Now I haven’t read any of the books that were written by George R.R. Martin so I don’t know if this has been a good adaptation from it’s source materials. From what I have heard I an conclude that is one of the best book to television adaptations that we have seen for a while. It has been said that this show follows the book to perfection, some scenes have been directly converted word for word from it’s source material.

Game Of Thrones really isn’t a series for the feint hearted, it is filled with extreme violence, blood and sex. This isn’t a bad thing as it doesn’t feel forced and is perfectly fitting with the style of the show. But the excess violence and sex may off put a few people from watching the series, but you really shouldn’t let it.

There are a few problems I have with Game Of Thrones, one of them being something quite personal. While watching the first episode it took me a while to get into it and ending up taking me till around episode three before I started to really get into it and engage with the characters. The time it takes to get into it shouldn’t be anything that puts you off as when you do get into you will love yourself for sticking with it.

Another problem that I had with the series was how they missed out all of the intense battles, one of my friends has actually read the books and they said that the battles are actually quite long and played out but in the series they have been cut out, one example is just before there is a battle Tyrion Lannister gets knocked out so you and him miss the whole battle and then when he wakes you and him see the aftermath, missing all the action.

The final thing I wasn’t really fond of was the soundtrack, I know great soundtracks are hard to make but I just thought that this one was lacking and didn’t have the depth and fullness that I had hoped for. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good soundtrack compared to others but it’s no Lord Of The Rings. 

Now let’s go back to the things I loved, I absolutely loved the dialogue that was superbly written by David Benioff, D.B. Weiss. I think that the dialogue is in perfect fitting with the dark series. I have heard that some of the conversations in the series are directly transferred to the screen without any alteration in the source material.

One thing I really l did love is the direction of this beautiful series, there are some astonishing landscape shots that pan across the medieval countryside. Game Of Thrones really does have a breathtaking style giving the overall show an amazing look.

Game Of Thrones does have a few faults but they are only really nitpicks and those small niggles shouldn’t stop anyone from sitting down and watching this groundbreaking series in a ten hour sitting, by god it is totally worth it. Please don’t let any of the violence or sex put you off because this show really is one of the best I have seen in a while. I know that there isn’t many battles but HBO make dramas not actions so I’m not that fussed but it would be nice to see a little more. I guarantee you will love this series as much as I did and once you had watched the first series you with be begging to see the second which returns to our screens on April 1st 2012 and you should really tune in, I know I will.

‘Alcatraz’ TV Series Review

I have decided to expand my blog into television shows as well as movies to give my blog a wider audience. I will only review television shows and nothing else, I will review a series as a whole and not individual episodes. I hope that you all like that I am expanding into television and hope you enjoy my posts that follow.

The first television show that I have decided to review for you guys is the J.J. Abrams produced TV show Alcatraz. First off let me tell you what Alcatraz is actually about, Alcatraz is a mystery thriller that focuses on the old American prison, Alcatraz that has been closed for the last sixty years; but on the night the prison closed down all of the inmates awaiting transportation and their guards vanished. Sixty years later after the prison was closed and the inmates vanished they begin to turn up into daily life where it is the job of a detective and a comic book shop owner to capture the prisoners to find out what really happened.

I was really excited when I first heard about this series, I am a huge J.J. Abrams fan and also am a massive fan of television shows and films that centre around prisons, I don’t know why but there is something about them that intrigues me. So I thought that when it premiers I would start watching it and fall in love with it, like I did Prison Break, lets just say thats not exactly what happened.

Obviously with every series you start off with the first episodes, so I sat down to watch the premiere and I was quite let down but I thought I would give it a few more episodes to prove it self but unfortunately it still didn’t manage to impress me. After watching the first two episodes my worst fear was confirmed, that every episode would feature inmate or guard coming back that they must capture. Before too long the same structure of a new character coming in each episode and getting locked up again at the end becomes extremely boring and repetitive.

I lasted to episode seven of Alcatraz before it got the stage where i didn’t care about watching it any longer. I didn’t purposely not watch it, I just forgot it was on and had no desire to go back and watch it. It just feels as though you are watching the same episode every week just with a different character being chased.

Alcatraz stars Jorge Garcia who most of you will remember from J.J. Abrams’ first phenomenal series Lost. In Alcatraz he plays a nerdy comic book collector and shop owner who gets dragged into the case of the inmates returning because he wrote a book on Alcatraz, I didn’t know that was now the entry process for a secret organisation, you must know stuff about a prison and you are now an agent, fuck your day job, leave your shop to run its self.

Acting really isn’t the strongest point in this show, Jorge Garcia is pretty average at his role but he seems phenomenal compared to the other performances in this show. Sarah Jones who plays the detective come agent is nearly the worst “actor” in this whole show, her performance isn’t at all convincing and her mannerisms just annoy me. Nothing can compare to extremely diabolical acting of the guards and inmates that come onto our screens just for one episode. I am kind of glad they are only in one episode just for the simple fact that I don’t have to endure another second of what they call acting.

I have already stopped watching Alcatraz and I don’t think I will be returning, I have not become attached to the characters enough to care what happens in the end, and I’m not particularly interested in how the inmates traveled forward in time. To be brutally honest I just don’t care anymore. I could see this series being axed after the first but because J.J. Abrams’ name is attached I don’t think it will be.

Alcatraz had the real potential to be absolutely phenomenal but I was quite let down by the whole series. I did enjoy parts of the series so far, the plot its self it pretty good and like I said could have been great but the plot has really gone to waste. The problem is with shows like this is that you know you have to wait till the final episode to find out what is going on and why, I can’t wait that long to find out.

So what do you think of Alcatraz? Do you enjoy it? Or have you stopped watching it like I have? Feel free to tell me your thoughts on the show in the comments below. Thank you very much for reading and if you enjoyed this post please feel free to hit like and follow to show me some love.


New Image From ‘Dark Shadows’

A new image was released online today of the upcoming Tim Burton TV show adaptation Dark Shadows. Its centres on the life of a vampire Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) and how he encounters many different supernatural beings. Dark Shadows has a great cast starring two usual stars in a Tim Burton film, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, it also stars, Eva Green, Chloe Moretz, Christopher Lee and Michelle Pfeiffer. I am quite looking forward to this movie especially seeing it is directed by the astonishing Tim Burton. You will be able to check out Dark Shadows on 11th May 2012 (UK+USA) and you can see the image below.

What do you think Eva Green looks like blonde? Are you looking forward to this? Feel free to tell me in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

New ‘Chronicle’ TV Spot

A new Chronicle trailer has been released containing lots of new footage from the upcoming supernatural found footage movie. It stars some relatively unknowns; Alex RussellDane DeHaan and Michael B. Jordan. It is set for a February 1st (UK) and February 3rd (USA) release. I think this could go one of two ways, it could be extremely terrible or could actually be quite good, personally I’m hoping for the latter. Check out the TV spot below.

Tell me what you think of the TV spot and whether you are planning on seeing this movie.