‘The Avengers’ – Movie Review

First thing I need to say isn’t really related to The Avengers but thought I would express my views on the matter. I am utterly pissed off that there was no new Dark Knight Rises trailer shown before the movie, the only reason I can think of is because they must be releasing it with the American release not the UK one because we get a week early but there was an amazing Prometheus trailer I hadn’t yet seen. Anyway onto the movie.

The plot of The Avengers is simple, bad guy – Loki – tries to take over earth, that’s about it. This isn’t really a bad thing though, this movie is already two hours twenty minutes so with the inclusion of a deep plot the film would have been even long. But to be honest you aren’t really looking for an intense plot filled with metaphors and hidden meanings, all you really want is to go and have a great time and thats exactly what you get.

As I said there isn’t really much plot going on here but what there is plenty of is character depth, Joss Whedon does a fantastic job of giving these characters so many levels that we never knew they had. This added depth to the characters really causes us too feel for them in their moment of hardships. The character I ended up empathising for the most was actually Black Widow which actually surprised me a great deal. But that’s thing that Whedon does really well, he is used to developing characters and yet again his fantastic writing does it again here.

Now if you had your doubts about Joss Whedon’s directing ability then let me reassure you that you can put those fears to bed. Some of the shots he creates are absolutely stunning making for what will be some very iconic scenes from the movie. Not only did Joss Whedon direct this action filled roller coaster he also put pen to paper and wrote it, as I said the plot isn’t exceptional but the dialogue is utter brilliance. Every word out of Tony Stark’s mouth is absolutely hilarious making this funnier than a lot of comedies I have seen.

Everyone knows the standard of the acting that is typically found in these Marvel movies, it’s pretty good but nothing really amazing. You don’t expect much from the actors  but if this is your first Marvel movie, I don’t know why it would be, but then you will be surprised by the above average quality.

Robert Downey Jr. obviously returns as the obnoxious and downright funny billionaire, Tony Stark. Everyone has seen this role before so you don’t really see anything new here but you know what, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t gotten old. As usual Robert Downey Jr. performs brilliantly, displaying one of the best performances of the movie adding some comedy to an otherwise action filed adventure.

Downey Jr. isn’t the only one that shines here, Mark Ruffalo – who I am a huge fan of – plays Bruce Banner/ the Hulk brilliantly making for my personal favourite Hulk’s we have seen to date and there is nothing I wish more than for him to get his own movie after this, but we all know that isn’t going to happen. Ruffalo also supplies us with many laughs throughout the movie and he also gives us a collection of the best action sequences in the whole movie with his “Hulk smash!”

We see the return of Tom Hiddleston as the menacing Loki and he plays the role absolutely beautifully. The first shot we get of Loki is harrowing which is mastered by the combination of Hiddleston’s devilish performance and Whedon’s gorgeous directing. Loki not only makes for a horrifying villain but his chemistry between Downey Jr. as Iron Man is priceless. If you weren’t fond of Loki in Thor – like I wasn’t – your mind will be changed here he truly is an evil person making for an iconic villain.

Chris Evans and Hemsworth show us the performance you expect from seeing them in their individual Marvel movies, they aren’t show stopping but are good enough for this movie. I feel as though the best moments of acting are when all of the Avengers are together, the chemistry between them is perfect, they all have their own different relationship between each other that can swap from hatred to best friends in a matter of minutes.

Now the one thing that you don’t have to worry about in this movie is any of the main characters being pushed aside. When I first saw the trailer I thought that this will end up being Iron Man & Co. but trust me it isn’t, all of the characters you want to get all the screen time they deserve. Maria Hill played by the brilliant Cobie Smulders is one of the very few characters that gets pushed to the side, but she was never really regarded as one of the main characters although I would have liked it if she had a bit more ass kicking to do. Pepper Potts played by Gwyneth Paltrow makes a brief appearance which literally lasts a minute but you don’t really care about that as this movie really isn’t about her.

The Avengers isn’t exactly perfect, there was one thing I wasn’t too fond of and that is that these movies are starting to feel far too familiar. Apart from the stature of this movie in comparison with others it doesn’t really vary it’s self from the other Marvel movies – Paramount Pictures – the direction has the same old comic book action style which you can spot in all the other movies. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I can see many people starting to tire of it.

If you are a loyal reader of mine then you know that I am not the biggest fan of 3D, I feel as though it is usually useless and extremely overpriced, the same can be said here. I didn’t feel as though the 3D was necessary, if it was it would have been filmed in 3D and not post converted like most films are these day. The 3D wasn’t used like Avatar to fully engross me in the world, it just felt like it was there and there was nothing really too it, I know I would have enjoyed the film just as much in 2D.

The thing The Avengers does best is what it set out to do. It isn’t trying to be a dark superhero movie with a serious tone – like The Dark Knight – and that’s good because trying to compete with that is a ridiculous thing to do. The Avengers tries to be a comic book action-filled, Hollywood blockbuster and you know what it does that perfectly. I don’t think you will be able to compare this and the later released comic book movies this year – Amazing Spider-Man and Dark Knight Rises – because it is so different.

I am just worried about how the sequels/spinoffs from this are going to be able to live up to it, this is the greatest threat the earth has faced and I don’t see how a single film focusing on Iron Man can live up to that. I will hate to be the first film made after this because it will be compared A LOT saying how it just didn’t live up to The Avengers and that’s sad. I also wonder how long they going to be able to keep going for, I mean someones going to want to leave soon, what are they going to do? Just trade actors hoping we won’t notice.

Trust me, if you are a fan of superhero movies then you will fall in love with this movie, it is the movie we all wanted and expected, Joss Whedon has done us all proud and for that I would like to you thank you very much. Now I can’t wait for the directors cut with all that footage that Whedon was made to chop out. I feel as though this is the perfect start to a Summer filled with brilliant movies.



First ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Clip!

The first clip from The Amazing Spider-Man has been released from the viral marketing campaign for the upcoming reboot. The Amazing Spider-Man centres on Peter Parker, a teenager who is given superpowers, Peter finds a clue to his parents disappearance which leads him into battle with Dr Curt Conners. The Amazing Spider-Man stars the phenomenal Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-man, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey, Rhys Ifans as Dr Curt Conners/The Lizard and Martin Sheen as Ben Parker. I am so excited for this film, I think it will be the Spider-man film that we have always wanted. The Amazing-Spiderman hits theatres on 3rd July (USA) and 4th July (UK) and you can check out the amazing clip below.

What do you think of this clip? Do you think Andrew Garfield is the best choice as Peter Parker? Feel free to tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks again for reading, if you enjoyed this post feel free to hit that follow button.

‘Chronicle’ Movie Review

A found footage superhero movie, but their not all heroes. Chronicle centres on three high school students that investigate a hole in the ground leaving them to find something incredible. Days laters they find that they have all gained telekinetic powers which leads some of them to fall into the darker part of their lives.

This is meant to be a found footage movie but this film is from so many different perspectives which leads to a very muddled style of the film and at times leads you wondering who and what you are meant to be watching. I did enjoy this film when you could actually see what was going on but the film that annoyed me the most was for the first hour of the film every time some sort of action was about to happen the camera cut out so you can either barely or not see a thing that was happening which did annoy me a little but.When the film first began I was wishing that the whole film wasn’t the poor quality that the first scene was in, luckily it wasn’t.

You would expect a film like this to have scenes that contain CGI but the CGI in Chronicle was dreadful, again it was mainly the first hour of the film where it was pretty poor there were many scenes where you can tell that this movie wasn’t a high budget blockbuster. The worst scenes were when they they were practising the use of their powers because the use of the poor CGI is unbearable.

The ending of this film was the thing I hated the most, one was that it was extremely predictable and extremely abrupt but the scene after that has to be cheesiest scene of the whole film, when you see it you will understand what I mean. But the problem with this story is that I couldn’t understand why Andrew was carrying a camera around for the whole of the film, they didn’t explain why he bought the camera in the beginning.

The acting of this film was one of the stand out moments with relatively unknown actors showing that you don’t need to be an a-lister to be a great actor. I hope that we see these boys in some more films. I found the actor who played Matt (Alex Russell) ending up annoying me quite a lot, yes he was a good actor but I don’t know why I just found him annoying, I know that is a very personal comment.

It may seem like I am bashing this film but don’t get me wrong I did enjoy it but it did have quite a few faults which did drag the film down for me but I still thought the acting and concept were great but it just wasn’t executed quite as well as I hoped. If you like found footage movies and superheroes you may love this movie but it just didn’t really do it for me.