‘Chronicle’ Movie Review

A found footage superhero movie, but their not all heroes. Chronicle centres on three high school students that investigate a hole in the ground leaving them to find something incredible. Days laters they find that they have all gained telekinetic powers which leads some of them to fall into the darker part of their lives.

This is meant to be a found footage movie but this film is from so many different perspectives which leads to a very muddled style of the film and at times leads you wondering who and what you are meant to be watching. I did enjoy this film when you could actually see what was going on but the film that annoyed me the most was for the first hour of the film every time some sort of action was about to happen the camera cut out so you can either barely or not see a thing that was happening which did annoy me a little but.When the film first began I was wishing that the whole film wasn’t the poor quality that the first scene was in, luckily it wasn’t.

You would expect a film like this to have scenes that contain CGI but the CGI in Chronicle was dreadful, again it was mainly the first hour of the film where it was pretty poor there were many scenes where you can tell that this movie wasn’t a high budget blockbuster. The worst scenes were when they they were practising the use of their powers because the use of the poor CGI is unbearable.

The ending of this film was the thing I hated the most, one was that it was extremely predictable and extremely abrupt but the scene after that has to be cheesiest scene of the whole film, when you see it you will understand what I mean. But the problem with this story is that I couldn’t understand why Andrew was carrying a camera around for the whole of the film, they didn’t explain why he bought the camera in the beginning.

The acting of this film was one of the stand out moments with relatively unknown actors showing that you don’t need to be an a-lister to be a great actor. I hope that we see these boys in some more films. I found the actor who played Matt (Alex Russell) ending up annoying me quite a lot, yes he was a good actor but I don’t know why I just found him annoying, I know that is a very personal comment.

It may seem like I am bashing this film but don’t get me wrong I did enjoy it but it did have quite a few faults which did drag the film down for me but I still thought the acting and concept were great but it just wasn’t executed quite as well as I hoped. If you like found footage movies and superheroes you may love this movie but it just didn’t really do it for me.



‘Arthur Christmas’ Movie Review

I know Christmas is over and this film was out a while ago but I have only just got round to watching so here’s my review on it.

Arthur Christmas shows Christmas in a new light, they show it as more of a mission with a large mother ship with elves dropping down delivering presents to each house rather than Santa flying around on his sleigh delivering presents to each house individually one at a time. Santa has become more of a figurehead than the actual brains behind the brains behind it all which is all down to Santa’s eldest son; but one year they miss one child and it is down to Arthur and Grand Santa to deliver the presents on time.

Many people hadn’t heard of Aardman Studios before so were a bit weary of how this film would turn out; me on the other hand I have watched things from Aardman since I was a little boy and they have consistently been phenomenal and this film is the same. The animation in this film is brilliant, it’s not quite as good as Pixar’s but it is definitely up there with some of the best looking animated films.

Now the voice acting, Aardman chose all British actors/actresses as the main voices; James McAvoy delivers a great performance as Arthur delivering brilliant timing which makes for some laugh out loud moments. Bill Nighy is brilliant as always playing the voice of Grand Santa, the funniest character in the whole film; I know some people don’t think voice acting is very hard or skilled but not anyone can do it as they have in this film.

Now there are a few flaws with this film, one being that by the middle of this film you will start to get a little tired of the continuous bad luck that delays their ever so straightforward journey, and it begins to go round in circles but you can forgive it for picking its self up and delivering a lighthearted Christmassy ending that will sure make any Scrooge love Christmas. The script is brilliantly written though with hilarious moments; the writers don’t write to make the kids laugh they write what will make everyone laugh.

This film is very British and it will get you in that Christmas spirit no matter what time of the year. This isn’t a kids movie, just because its animated doesn’t mean it can only be viewed by children aged fewer than ten, I guarantee that anyone of any age will enjoy this. Arthur Christmas has now been added to my yearly Christmas films to get me in the spirit and it should be in yours too. If you haven’t seen this yet and your thinking you will wait for Christmas to watch it, don’t, you must watch it now. If it wasn’t for the film dropping a little in the middle this would be near perfect but as a Christmas film it is one of the best.


You can check out the Arthur Christmas trailer below. Thanks for reading.