‘Real Steel’ Movie Review

In the future where robot boxing has become the number one sport, a promoter (Hugh Jackman) fights his may to the top using a discarded robot all with the help of his eleven year old son (Dakota Goyo).

Let me say this right upfront, I really didn’t like this film very much and here is why. First off the bat, acting. Hugh Jackman plays his typical role of big man that doesn’t care about anyone else and he does it just as poorly as usual. The actor that plays the kid on the other hand, oh dear God he has to be the most annoying child in a film ever, his whole performance will drive you mental. Not only is he incredibly annoying he isn’t even very good, I really hope he isn’t on out screens for much longer he was piss poor.

When it comes to talking about the story of this film genius isn’t the first thing that pops to your head. I felt while watching this film the first thing they thought of was robots fighting and then attempted to build a storyline around that. To be honest I would have much preferred it if they just didn’t bother with this half assed story and just showed continuous robot fights, at least that way we wouldn’t have to see any of the chords awful acting. But this is the typical underdog story where everyone watching knows what is going to happen, there is no denying that it feels like it has all been done before.

I personally would not recommend this to anyone besides a 9 year-old child and even they would get bored halfway through. This is not one to buy or rent, but if it is on television and there is nothing else on you could maybe consider watching it.