Prometheus – Movie Review

I have been looking forward to this movie for so long. When I first heard Ridley Scott was planning on making a prequel to Alien I decided it was about time for me to watch it and unsurprisingly it blew my mind, after that I was desperate to see this movie. After viewing the first teaser trailer for Prometheus I was so impressed and I was anticipating it even more, now if you think they showed us too much in the trailer and gave away most of the plot, that’s because they did.

Prometheus centres on a group of explorers that travel to a distant planet in an attempt to find who created the human race. While there they manages to cause disturbances that put the fait of the human race out of their hands and it is their job to stop the race from falling.

Your first impressions of this movie will be how utterly beautiful it is, from the Scottish highlands to the inside of Prometheus this movie never fails to look stunning in every frame. The visuals of this movie causes it to become so immersive which really helps bring you into the universe. It’s just a shame that the look of this film couldn’t help you from ignoring all its other failings.

When talking about the acting in this movie it is a very mixed bag. Let’s start with the phenomenal, as always, Michael Fassbender, he absolutely carries this film; his portrayal of android David is Oscar worthy. It’s a great shame the same can’t be said about the rest of the cast, Noomi Rapace along with others are just remotely average but the worse acting in the film came from British actor Rafe Spall. I watched Pete Versus Life (Channel 4 sitcom starring Spall) and automatically noticed that Spall was a horrendous actor, he was bad in a comedic role but was even worse in Prometheus. Not only was his performance laughable it was just down right cringing, it didn’t help that the script created for that character was just silly.

The crew of Prometheus is far greater than that of Alien and that is possibly it’s biggest failing. Prometheus has a total crew of seventeen people, if you think that sounds too many, thats because it is. You don’t get involved with the characters and really don’t care about them when they start dropping like flies. Even with the characters that got the most screen time and the most development it still wasn’t enough for me to remotely care when fatality struck. All the characters in the movie were so one dimensional with extremely poor development.

Now I know there have been a lot of unfair comparisons to Alien but this is a prequel to the greatest sci-fi horror of all time and making a prequel that lives up to the original is a near impossible challenge, unfortunately Scott doesn’t manage to do it. Alien was so groundbreaking at the time of its release so it is kind of unfair to compare the two but it needs to be done. The thing that made Alien so amazing was how simple it was, mixed with the long nervous silent scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat through the whole movie, unfortunately Prometheus had absolutely none of these. This movie wasn’t scary at all there were no suspenseful scenes keeping me on the edge of my seat. I feel as though Scott attempted to take on way to much which caused the movie to become very muddled with it not knowing what story it was trying to tell.

I know it sounds like I am bashing on the movie but I did actually like it, yes I was hugely disappointed but that doesn’t make it a bad movie. I would recommend this to any fans of Alien just so they can give their own opinion on it, I know people who love it and people who hate it and I’m in the middle. Prometheus is predictable, messy and not the prequel I wanted but it my be the one you did.



Buy A Blu-Ray A Week – UK

Blu-rays To BUY

Contagion – I didn’t think I would like this film but it turns out I really enjoyed it. This isn’t really a film that centres on the human population being killed off but it shows how the human race would react to then end of our race. Contagion has a huge ensemble of brilliant actors and actresses featuring the wonderful talents of Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Laurence Fishburne, Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow; all of them delivering stellar performances. This was actually the scariest film I saw this year as it really showed us what would happen if disease took over the world. The only downside to this film is that it may make you extremely paranoid about germs after watching it. I loved this film and think it is one of the best disaster movies I have seen in a while, therefore I definitely recommend this film.

The Ides Of March – A gripping, intelligent and entertaining political drama that is definitely worth a watch. The Ides Of March is another George Clooney directed movie and this one is phenomenal. There are brilliant performances from the wonderful Ryan Gosling, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti and of course the astonishing George Clooney. This is a pulse racing thriller that centres around American politics, if you aren’t really into politics then this might not be for you but this film really is amazing. Just for the breathtaking performances and beautiful direction I would recommend this to everyone but if you really aren’t into politics then this won’t be for you.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 – I never actually watched Game Of Thrones, yes I know I have been told many a time that I am missing out. But don’t worry I will be picking this up soon and then I will be able to experience that critically acclaimed series. From what I have heard I would definitely recommend this to a lot of people but I can really judge until I actually give it a watch. I think that you should pick this up just because of all the buzz and acclaim that has surrounded it.  

Blu-rays To AVOID

Immortals – I really really hated this movie, I wasn’t interested from any of the poster or trailers. While watching Immortals all I thought about was how much this film is trying to mimic 300, yes it has the same producers but it doesn’t mean you have to try and recreate the exact same film. To be fair to this film, it does look pretty nice, and has surprisingly great looks for such a dreadful film. It seems as though film makers can never get these sort of films right and I don’t want to see hundreds of more attempts until they make a good one. I really wouldn’t recommend this film to anyone as I hated it so much, but its your call.

The Rum Diary –  I was unsure where to put this film as I would have given it around three stars which technically means you like it but I don’t think it is worth your £15 so I would recommend it but when the price goes down or just for a rental. It does take a long time to get going and by that time a majority of the audience would have drifted off but I still thought parts were pretty funny and warm-hearted. So if you think this film s for you then you will probably like it and you should pick it up but for most people I wouldn’t recommend The Rum Diary until it is around £6 or if its on Netflix.

Anonymous –  I know a few people that actually liked this film but I thought that it was pretty poor, the acting  wasn’t the best I have ever seen the, and the best part of the whole film was the costume design which I actually thought was quite impassive. The storyline and script are bizarre and are so unbelievable, yes some people may enjoy it and like the bizarreness of it, but it just didn’t wash with me. I wouldn’t actually recommend this to anyone but if it is on television it might be worth a brief watch but please don’t waste your money on it.

All of the films about are released on Monday 5th March so you can pick up the ones you want tomorrow. So what are you picking up this week? Feel free to tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you very much for reading and if you enjoyed this post please feel free to hit that like and follow button.

Buy A Blu-Ray A Week – USA

Blu-Rays To BUY

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas – This is a hilarious festive addition to the Harold And Kumar series; I was really let down by Escape From Guantanamo  Bay but this one really redeemed the series for me. If possible you have to see this in 3D, I know you don’t hear that a lot but this film was made to take the piss out of 3D and it does its job brilliantly. The third instalment again stars John Cho and Kal Penn who have brilliant chemistry together but who really shines in this film is of course Neil Patrick Harris who has finally been given even more screen time than the other films and he is hilarious. This is a great festive comedy that you need to watch; I have now added it to my yearly movies I watch at Christmas time and you should do the same.

Lady And The Tramp – An amazing disney classic that is great for anyone of any ages, this is obviously a re-release but it is defiantly worth your cash this week. I would recommend this film to anyone with a family, you and your kids will love every second of it; its funny, romantic and beautifully made. Admittedly is isn’t the best Walt Disney film but it is still a great film and shows a newer generation what animation used to be like. This film also has a glimpse of Christmas in it so you could have a Christmas double feature in February.


Blu-Rays To AVOID

Anonymous – I know a few people that actually liked this film but I thought that it was pretty poor, the acting in this wasn’t the best I have ever seen the best part of the whole film was the costume design which I actually thought was quite impassive. The storyline and script are bizarre and are so unbelievable, yes some people may enjoy it and like the bizarreness of it, but it just didn’t wash with me.

All of the above Blu-rays are released on February 7th in the USA. So which Blu-ray will you be picking up this week? Feel free to comment below what you will be buying. Thanks again for reading.