A Clip And Featurette From ‘John Carter’

A clip and featurette has been released online today for the upcoming Andrew Stanton Disney movie, John Carter. It centres on John Carter a human who has been transported to Mars where he is thrown into a civil war where he must save the princess. John Carter stars Taylor Kitsch, Bryan Cranston, Mark Strong, Willem Dafoe and Lynn Collins. I’m not sure if I am looking forward to this film, from the first trailer I thought it looked great but the more footage I see the less I think I will enjoy this film. John Carter hits theatres on 9th March 2012 (UK+USA) and check out the clip and featurette below.


What do you think? Do you think this will be a massive ball of cheese? Are you looking forward to it? Feel free to tell me in the comments below. Thanks again for reading.


‘John Carter’ Superbowl TV Spot

Another TV spot released from the Superbowl and this time it is for John Carter. I am really looking forward to this film but I do have some very strong doubts that it could turn out to be a giant ball of cheese. John Carter centres on John Carter who has been transported to Mars where he is imprisoned and must escape to save the princess, so its basically Mario on Mars. John Carter stars Taylor Kitsch as John Carter and also Mark Strong (who I love) it is set for a 9th March (UK+USA) release. Check out the TV spot below.

What do you think? Ae you looking forward to this? Tell me in the comments below. Thanks again for reading, feel free to follow for movie updates.