Is There Such Thing As A ‘Greatest Movie Of All Time’?

Citizen Kane? The Shawshank Redemption? The Godfather? Star Wars? Which one of these great movies is the ‘greatest movie of all time’? Well the correct answer is none of them, I don’t believe there is such thing as a ‘greatest movie of all time.’ Yes you can have a favourite movie of all time but does that make it the greatest? It is impossible for people to agree on what is the ‘greatest movie of all time,’ it’s so hard to choose one because their isn’t one.

One of my favourite movies of all time is The Dark Knight, there are many things that make this one of my favourites movie. This is the movie I watch at home on rainy days, on Christmas, when I’m ill or when I just need cheering up, this movie means everything to me, that is what a favourite movie should be like. Now I know most of you out there won’t agree with me, we all have our personal favourites, a lot of peoples favourites might be absolutely terrible in my eyes but to them it is everything they want out of a movie and that is all you can ask.

Movies really shouldn’t be given the title of the ‘greatest movie of all time’ because it adds a lot of pressure to first time viewers of that film. Not too long ago I watched Citizen Kane for the first time and all I could think throughout the movie was that I have to like it, this is supposedly one of the greatest movies of all time, unsurprisingly this ruined my enjoyment of the movie. I like to go into every movie with a wide open opinion but I already had the perception that I was going to watch the ‘greatest movie of all time.’ You know what, going in with that expectation the film fell short of what I was expecting leaving me to feel underwhelmed. There shouldn’t be any pressure for audiences to think that a certain movie is the ‘greatest movie of all time,’ people have their own opinions and they can think what they want about movies.

There are only a few movies that I watch for the first time and think to myself, this is one of my favourites, when I first watched The Dark Knight in the theatres I loved it, but it wasn’t until I watched it at home five months later that I realised just how much I loved it and the more I watched the more I fell in love with it. I feel as though in this modern day of remakes and sequels there are only a few directors that I know could make my next favourite film.

In IMDb’s top 250 of all time they place The Shawshank Redemption at the top, this doesn’t make it the ‘greatest movie of all time,’ the list is controlled by the publics ratings, it just means that The Shawshank Redemption is the most popular peoples favourite. I can tell if a movie is very well made but that doesn’t mean I will enjoy it. One example being Schindler’s List, I can tell that it is a beautifully made movie with astonishing acting but for some reason I just didn’t enjoy it. I just feel that people should have their own favourites no matter on the quality of the movie, whether it be White Chicks or American Psycho people are free to like what they want to and they shouldn’t be forced to like what are considered the ‘greatest movies of all time.’

The movies should be an experience and not a competition.

I would love to hear what some of your favourites are in the comments below. I will be producing a list of some of my favourites (in no particular order) soon so look out for that. If you enjoyed this post please feel free to like and follow my blog. Thanks for reading.


‘The Hunger Games’ – Movie Review

When I first heard about The Hunger Games I was extremely uninterested, that lack of interest didn’t change after we saw all the trailers and clips. I had no plan on ever seeing this movie in the cinema, but I managed to get hold of a free pair of tickets so I thought why not. I went into The Hunger Games not expecting much at all boy was I wrong, I went in already hating the franchise and came out loving it.

The Hunger Games is an adaptation from the extremely popular book written by Suzanne Collins, I had the feeling that this would be another franchise like Twilight, filled with diabolical acting and a twisted and unnatural story but again I was wrong. Yes the story of The Hunger Games is a little twisted, set in the distant future where we all live in separate districts, the capitol runs a yearly show called The Hunger Games, they obtain a boy and girl aged between twelve and eighteen to fight to the death in The Hunger Games, there can only be one victor.

I can’t be one to comment on how good of a job they did adapting this from it’s source material as I never read the books, from what I have heard they have done a pretty great job seeing as though they have left out very little from the book which makes the two hour twenty minute run time understandable. That was one problem that I had with the film, the length. I thought it was just ten minutes or so too long, I didn’t get bored one bit in the film but I did think while sat there watching it that it did feel to long.

The length of this film wouldn’t have been bearable without the surprisingly great acting from Jennifer Lawrence. She really did surprise me, I know she has delivered great performances in the past in films such as Winter’s Bone, but you just expect this franchise to be filled with unbearable acting but you know what it wasn’t. Another actor that I thought deserves a worthy mention is Stanley Tucci he outperforms most other people on screen just like usual. The one actor that I was not keen on was Josh Hutcherson, with him in it I felt as though he was their ticket into the young adult audience. His performance was the weakest throughout the movie and I couldn’t help but think that his performance felt incredibly forced. A big disappointment is the chemistry between Lawrence and Hutcherson, or should I say the lack of chemistry between them.

After watching The Hunger Games it left me feeling as though I wished they had rated 15 (UK) with a bit more violence, I did feel as though it was very toned down just so that it would appeal to the same audience as Twilight. 

Probably the biggest failing in The Hunger Games is the characters, I’m not sure if this was a failing in the book or just the film but some characters relationships feel extremely rushed and when their relationships come to an end you don’t feel as emotional as you should do just because the relationships were so rushed so you didn’t have enough time to fully engage with them.

It may seem to many of you that I am bashing The Hunger Games but I’m really not, I liked it a lot but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. But one thing The Hunger Games does right is it’s beauty, it’s amazing how the style of the film goes from a dark and depressed scene in the first act and then into the second which is filled with extravagant colours. The capitol has been astonishingly created out of CGI and on the big screen it really looks breathtaking with many shots that show off its true beauty.

I did really like The Hunger Games even if it was a little long and didn’t have some relationship development I would have liked to have seen. I just hope that the other two films don’t become poor sequels to this very good film. If you are an avid reader of the books I can imagine that you will love this movie and will probably be one of your best of 2012. Jennifer Lawrence really does carry this film acting wise, she shines just as bright as fire. This film may feel a little young adult for many of you but I still highly recommend this to anyone, please go and see it this weekend.


Why No ‘Midnight In Paris’ Blu-Ray?

I know this rant will only apply to my UK readers but I thought it was important for you all to hear about this. As many of you may know Midnight In Paris has not been released on Blu-ray in the UK. I have no idea why but it takes the piss, as many of you may know Midnight In Paris was one of my favourite movies of 2011, I absolutely loved every second of it. A majority, if not all of new releases get released on both DVD and Blu-ray in the UK these days and Midnight In Paris is the first new release film that I have wanted to buy that isn’t available on Blu-ray.

Now I am one of those people who no longer buy DVD’s just for the simple fact that Blu-rays are superior, they have a greatly improved picture quality with crystal clear HD surround sound. So every film that I want to buy I buy it on Blu-ray and try to avoid DVD’s where possible. The thing that has annoyed me about Midnight In Paris not being released on Blu-ray in the UK is that it has been released everywhere else in both DVD and Blu-ray but not the UK, what the fuck its up with that? It’s not as though Woody Allen didn’t want Midnight In Paris to be released on Blu-ray or that Sony Pictures Classic thought that the quality difference between Blu-ray and DVD wasn’t worth both formats being released.

Two UK stores, HMV and Blockbuster both advertised the Midnight In Paris Blu-ray set for the same release date as the DVD, but you know what? The Blu-ray never got released. There are no signs or indications that the Blu-ray will be released any time so which seriously angers me. I seriously want to own this film but I am not going to buy it on DVD because knowing my luck I will buy the DVD and then a few weeks later the Blu-ray would come out.

Come on Sony Pictures Classic what is your problem with us Brits? Why do the rest of the world get the Blu-ray version of Midnight In Paris and not us? Please Sony Pictures enlighten me what you are such dicks and just don’t release it?

‘Chronicle’ Movie Review

A found footage superhero movie, but their not all heroes. Chronicle centres on three high school students that investigate a hole in the ground leaving them to find something incredible. Days laters they find that they have all gained telekinetic powers which leads some of them to fall into the darker part of their lives.

This is meant to be a found footage movie but this film is from so many different perspectives which leads to a very muddled style of the film and at times leads you wondering who and what you are meant to be watching. I did enjoy this film when you could actually see what was going on but the film that annoyed me the most was for the first hour of the film every time some sort of action was about to happen the camera cut out so you can either barely or not see a thing that was happening which did annoy me a little but.When the film first began I was wishing that the whole film wasn’t the poor quality that the first scene was in, luckily it wasn’t.

You would expect a film like this to have scenes that contain CGI but the CGI in Chronicle was dreadful, again it was mainly the first hour of the film where it was pretty poor there were many scenes where you can tell that this movie wasn’t a high budget blockbuster. The worst scenes were when they they were practising the use of their powers because the use of the poor CGI is unbearable.

The ending of this film was the thing I hated the most, one was that it was extremely predictable and extremely abrupt but the scene after that has to be cheesiest scene of the whole film, when you see it you will understand what I mean. But the problem with this story is that I couldn’t understand why Andrew was carrying a camera around for the whole of the film, they didn’t explain why he bought the camera in the beginning.

The acting of this film was one of the stand out moments with relatively unknown actors showing that you don’t need to be an a-lister to be a great actor. I hope that we see these boys in some more films. I found the actor who played Matt (Alex Russell) ending up annoying me quite a lot, yes he was a good actor but I don’t know why I just found him annoying, I know that is a very personal comment.

It may seem like I am bashing this film but don’t get me wrong I did enjoy it but it did have quite a few faults which did drag the film down for me but I still thought the acting and concept were great but it just wasn’t executed quite as well as I hoped. If you like found footage movies and superheroes you may love this movie but it just didn’t really do it for me.


New Amazing Spiderman Image

Entertainment Weekly has been treating movie fans this week with lots of new exclusive pictures for nexus years summer blockbusters and here is another for you to feast your eyes on. It is Peter Parker/Spiderman played by Andrew Garfield in the upcoming reboot of Spiderman directed by Marc Webb; also featuring Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey and Rhys Ifans as the Lizard. The Amazing Spiderman is set for a 4th July (UK) and 3rd July (USA) release. Check out the image below.

Tell me what you think of the image below and also how you feel about the series being rebooted so quickly after the last instalments.