Buy A Blu-Ray A Week – UK

This is the list of blu-rays to buy and not to buy this week in the UK; all of these blu-rays are out on January 16th (tomorrow) So without any chit chat lets get started.

Blu-ray’s To Buy

The Guard – This is a hilarious film starting the brilliant Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle. This is a definite buy it offers a extremely likeable Irish cop comedy; it may have a couple of flaws but the film holds its own and you should pop down to HMV to pick this one up.

Alien Anthology – The four classic Alien films released yet again in a blu-ray collection. Containing the first and best in the genre Alien directed by the wonderful Ridley Scott, the James Cameron directed sequel Aliens, the not so great Alien3 directed by the wonderful David Fincher, and finally the piss poor film Alien Resurrection. This boxset is worth picking up just for the amazing first two films, you can just ignore the other two.

Blu-ray’s To AVOID

Killer Elite – This is an extremely disappointing action film; it had so much potential seeing it stars the astonishing Robert De Niro, action hero Jason Statham and brilliant Clive Owen. It’s just a great shame that the quality of this film turned out being seriously mediocre. If you are a fan of pointless action films this could be a good rental for you but it’s still not worth a buy.

Tell me what blu-rays you will be picking up this week