My Favourite Movie Soundtracks

The Graduate

From one of my favourite movies of the 60s comes the phenomenal soundtrack completely sung by the historical duo Simon & Garfunkel. Every song on here is beautifully written and even more magically sung while still fitting perfectly with the films tone and style. If you are a Simon & Garfunkel fan you have probably already heard all of these songs on their own separate albums but this is the collection of some of their greatest songs and this is a must listen for anyone who even remotely likes music.

Best Song – The Sound Of Silence

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

From another one of my favourite movies comes the amazingly modern yet retro soundtrack for the film Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. With a mixture of rock and techno it fits perfectly with this incredible piece of modern cinema. Containing songs from rock legends The Rolling Stones and T-Rex to fictional band Sex-bob-omb, to understand the brilliance of most of these tracks you really need to watch this movie and once you have you will not be able to turn this soundtrack off.

Best song – We Are Sex-bob-omb

Pulp Fiction

This is yet again another one of my favourite movies and the soundtrack is just beyond perfect, the Pulp Fiction soundtrack that combines lots of past hits to make a beautifully fluent and soundtrack that is one of the best you will ever hear. The great thing about this soundtrack is that it also contains everyones favourite dialogue from the movie, yes even Ezekiel 25:17. Everyone I know who has listened to this has said it is their favourite soundtrack and I would have to say it’s mine to.

Best song – You Can Never Tell

A Hard Days Night

I am an absolutely huge fan of The Beatles so this makes this soundtrack one of my favourites of all time, the film alone is brilliant but with the addition of this soundtrack it makes it one of my favourite movies ever. The Beatles are, in my opinion, one of the greatest bands of all time and I couldn’t think of anything better than a whole soundtrack filled with some of their greatest tracks.

Best song – She Loves You



Who Really Are The Best Directors Ever? (Part 3)

5. Martin Scorsese – One of the most humble men in cinema today has many reasons why he is at number five on my list. Martin Scorsese is usually known for directing quite dramatic pieces targeted at the older generation, but this year Scorsese blew us all away with his first children’s movie that showed us all he really is a genius. My personal favourite of Scorsese’s is of course his cult classic, Taxi Driver, I only saw this for the first time recently and I absolutely loved it, it is Scorsese’s dark twisted urban masterpiece that is loved and studied by film lovers across the globe, through every generation. Another one of my Marty favourites is another one of his starring Robert De Niro, this time he’s in a boxing ring in Raging Bull. It is a boxing phenomenon that is still bloody and brutal to this very day, despite being filmed in black and white. Raging Bull is a fascinating journey into someone’s mind and one of the greatest movies of the 80’s. Of course you couldn’t mention Marty without mentioning his brilliant gangster movie, GoodFellas, which surprisingly is another film staring De Niro, in yet another astonishing performance. GoodFellas is yet another dark twisted and brutal movie that Scorsese has beautifully made. After this year Scorsese really showed us all that he really can direct anything and it will be an absolute delight to watch.

4. Woody Allen – The hipster of all filmmakers, Woody Allen has directed some of my favourite films of all time, with his unique, awkwardly funny style in which he makes his phenomenal masterpieces. My favourite Allen movie is of course Annie Hall, written, directed and starring the brilliant Allen. It is a touching and hilarious love story with truly lovely performances that is by far Allen’s best piece that he has produced. Woody Allen does do a few comedy romance movies and no wonder he is so good at them, another rom-com masterpiece is Manhattan, it is smart and incredibly witty. Allen’s most recent movie, Midnight In Paris is also one of my favourites of his, it is absolutely beautiful, with amazing shots of Paris and phenomenal acting from Owen Wilson taking the role that Allen would have played in his earlier movies. You have to be one extremely skilled filmmaker to write, direct and star in the same movies, very few can pull it off but he can and he pulls it off so well.

3. Steven Spielberg – Well what can I say about this genius? Everyone knows how great Spielberg’s films are and that he is one of the greatest moviemakers of out generation. Shockingly there are some people out there that believe that Spielberg’s work is overrated and he is actually a poor director, well those people must be clinically insane. Spielberg has directed so many monstrous classics that I absolutely love, my favourite Spielberg film is the World War Two epic, Saving Private Ryan. I think that it is one of Spielberg’s most beautifully shot movies, I haven’t experienced a better scene in movie history than the Normandy beach landing that features in the first twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan, I just feel as though that scene is the pinnacle of cinema. Spielberg has directed so many other great movies and I know you know them so I don’t need to talk about them all but thought I would mention a few. You can’t talk about Spielberg with out mentioning the Indiana Jones trilogy (the fourth didn’t happen!) the TRILOGY was an absolute triumph giving us one of the greatest action-adventure trilogies we have ever had the privilege to watch. The best of the trilogy is of course Raiders Of The Lost Ark, it really is a film that has it all and is splendid. Spielberg has the triumph of directing one of the greatest thrillers of all time, Jaws, a fast paced masterpiece with perfect camera placement throughout. As I said I can’t mention all of his films but you have probably grasped on the fact already that he is a phenomenal director.

2. David Fincher – Yes, this is the same David Fincher that directed the abomination that is Alien 3, but you know what? After that he started directing some astonishing movies. David Fincher first hit theatres with Alien 3 which was a huge disappointment in the so far phenomenal Alien franchise, not many people get a second chance in Hollywood but Fincher got one and really showed us that he really can direct. Fincher has directed FIVE of my favourite movies of all time, which I think is the most by a single director in my list (which will be coming soon) My favourite movie of Fincher’s is his cult classic, Fight Club, when it was first released people weren’t really fans, they didn’t know what to make of this puzzling movie but years later movie lovers around the world have fallen in love with this iconic masterpiece. Fincher also directed the drama centring on the creation of the largest social network ever, The Social Network, this is actually my second favourite movie of Fincher’s. I feel as though The Social Network is so beautiful, the cinematography mixed with Fincher’s direction is just phenomenally break taking. The Social Network is of a very rare quality that is Fincher’s most engrossing film to date. I really do love Fincher’s films, I feel as though he gives them a sense of darkness that other directors can’t do.

1. Christopher Nolan – Of course, who else would it really be? I believe that Christopher Nolan is the greatest director of all time, not just of our generation. I know Christopher Nolan hasn’t directed a plethora of films like Scorsese and Spielberg but every film he has directed I have absolutely loved, only four of his films are my favourite of all time, one less than Fincher but I feel as though Nolan is more consistent with his brilliance and it still puzzles me to this very day that he hasn’t won an Oscar. Christopher Nolan’s biggest achievement is by far what he has done to the Batman series, he has created a whole new style of superhero movie that will be mimicked in films for years to come. My personal favourite Nolan movie is of course his phenomenal Batman movie, The Dark Knight. It is not only one of the greatest comic book movies of all time, it is one of the greatest movies of all time, period. Heath Ledger delivers one of the finest performances I have ever seen in a film and I’m so glad that he won the Oscar for his role he truly deserved it. Aside from revolutionising the Batman series Nolan has directed some extremely puzzling films, from Memento to the mind boggling Inception. They are both astonishing films and really show Nolan’s power as a director. I know Nolan hasn’t done hundreds of films but he is the only director that when they bring out a new film I am, one extremely excited and two, I know it will be a stunning piece of cinema. I just can’t wait to see what this genius directs in the future as in my eyes he hasn’t made a single bad film yet and I know he will keep it that way; he is a man of perfection. To make him even better, he is British.

Who are your favourites of all time? Feel free to tell me your comments below. Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed this post please feel free to like and follow to show me some love.

Who Really Are The Best Directors Ever? (Part 2)

10. Quentin Tarantino – Quentin Tarantino films are like Marmite, you either love them all you hate them, and I love them. I don’t think that he has ever made a film that I haven’t liked. The first feature length film that Quentin Tarantino directed is one of my favourite films of all time and thats not bad for a forest attempt, Reservoir Dogs is an absolutely phenomenal film. It has been beautifully directed, acted and just an overall perfect film; it has to be the best first feature length I have seen. One thing I love about Tarantino is that he stars as a cameo role in a majority of his films. Tarantino then went on to direct the cult classic Pulp Fiction, now don’t get me wrong I liked Pulp Fiction but I don’t feel as though it is one of the greatest films ever made as some other people believe. I did think it was good and I can see why people look at it as a classic, I just found it too long and that is the only real issue I have with the film. Tarantino went on to direct two great films that I loved – Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2 – they are both brilliant, Volume 1 was obviously the better of the two as is the case with most films but by no means was the second one bad. It was visually stunning and also brilliant written by Tarantino, it also follows the incredibly violent nature that Tarantino does with his films. Tarantino’s most recently directed film is my personal favourite, Inglorious Basterds is a World War Two film that centres on a group of guys who go around killing Nazi’s. I had a bit of a soft spot for war movies so I’m not really one t sufficiently judge but this film is phenomenal, it has captivating performances from everyone in it, especially Christoph Waltz and Michael Fassbender. I love all of Tarantino’s movies and they all follow the style I love, excessive violence and gore, I think he is one of the greatest directors of out time and he will produce so many more brilliant films in the coming years.

9. The Coen Brothers – The best double team in the whole of movie making. The Coen brothers have made some really good movies in their time and there are very few movies that they don’t do together. They have won four Oscars each for their films, three for No Country For Old Men and one for Fargo. Fargo is actually my favourite Coen brothers film it is a mature and beautiful film that I only watched for the first time recently but absolutely loved. The Coen brothers also directed one of my favourite remakes ever, True Grit, it is a solid and extremely classy piece of film that only these brothers could have put together. Now the Coen brothers don’t just do dramas that the normal filmgoer doesn’t enjoy, they do thrillers ad comedies. The Big Lebowski is a stylish and hilarious cult classic that is loved by millions, it’s just a shame I’m not one of them. Don’t get me wrong I did like The Big Lebowski but I don’t feel as thought it is a little overrated. I really love the Coen Brothers and I think their films have a very personal touch to each one of them making them stand out from the rest.

8. Robert Zemeckis –  He made one of my favourite trilogies of all time and that I enough of a reason for him to be at number eight. Robert Zemeckis directed the Back To The Future trilogy which I fell in love with as a child and have loved ever since. Everyone knows that the first Back To The Future was the best of the trilogy but by no means does that mean the others are bad. Back To The Future is an absolute 80’s delight that has become an instant sic-fi classic that will be loved by generations to come. Back To The Future is actually one of my favourite movies of all time, I just think it is irresistible. Zemeckis also directed the other two films in the Back To The Future trilogy and there were also brilliant science fiction movies that as a trilogy should be cherished for many years to come. Robert Zemeckis also directed two of my other favourite films of all time, the first being the astounding Forrest Gump, which was an absolute delight of a movie. Yes it does have its flaws but there is no denying that it’s unmissable. The second is Castaway which an absolute classic, its hard for a director to make a film where the whole film is just one character but he pulls it off brilliantly making for a phenomenal film. I love Zemeckis and his films, admittedly he has had a few bad on

7. Billy Wilder – In Michel Hazanavicius’ Oscar winning speech he thanked Billy Wilder three times, what an influential director he must have been to still be effecting the way people direct on this very day. My personal favourite of Billy Wilder’s films has to be Some Like It Hot, this is also the first Wilder film I saw and since then I have fallen in love with his phenomenal masterpieces. I first saw Some Like It Hot when I was just six years old and you wouldn’t expect someone of that age to love this film but you know what I did. I thought it was smart, sophisticated and is the greatest comedy I have ever seen, it is just gorgeous. Another one of my Wilder favourites is the astonishing Apartment, it was number twelve in Empire’s top 500 movies of all time which is the highest Wilder film on the list. I really loved The Apartment, yes it isn’t as good as Some Like It Hot but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an absolute delight. Every film Billy Wilder makes becomes and instant classic with one of the most joyful styles I have ever seen. I haven’t seen everyone of Wilder’s films but the ones I have seen I have fallen in love with, they are all absolutely phenomenal.

6. Alfred Hitchcock – He has made some of the biggest classics of all time that have been studied and mimicked by film makers for years after he made them. My personal favourite of Hitchcock’s is of course the phenomenal Psycho, even though it is in black and white he still manages to set a beautifully terrifying theme throughout this whole masterpiece. Psycho made for the most iconic scene in the whole of horror movies, the music mixed with the violence and tension of the shower scene in Psycho will forever be the basis of all horror movies. Hitchcock also directed the unmissable mystery drama Rear Window, yet another movie I loved from Hitchcock. I thought that Rear Window a masterpiece and is yet another great classic made by the phenomenal Alfred Hitchcock. Another instant classic that came from Hitchcock is of course the brilliant North By Northwest, this is extremely close to be my favourite Hitchcock moviethis is by far his most playful movie and it is his most unique movie she compared to the rest. Some people say that Hitchcock’s movies are to dull and boring as they are all so similar, I don’t believe that, I think that they are all so unique in their own little way. Even if you think they all feel the same there is still no denying that he is one of the greatest masters of cinema ever and he will remain one of them for so many generations; I feel as though he is the director who really influenced movies in the biggest way.

So what do you think of my top directors list so far? Who are your favourites? Feel free to tell me your comments below. Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed this post please feel free to like and follow to show me some love.

Who Really Are The Best Directors Ever? (Part 1)

This is a list of MY top fifteen directors, obviously everyone has different opinions but these are my personal favourites. So lets get started.

15. Brad Bird – Now I know what you are thinking, yes Brad Bird hasn’t directed a lot of films – only four feature lengths – but two of those four are among my favourite movies of all time. Before last year the only films Brad Bird had directed were all animated movies and the best of animated movies, Pixar movies. Brad Bird’s directorial debut was the amazing cartoon The Iron Giant that is a movie that I seriously loved when I was a child. It is an intelligent and playful which is completely charming. This film was the first time I got a glimpse of Brad Bird as a director and I loved every second of it. He then went on to direct one of the best and most exhilarating Pixar movies, The Incredibles. This is one of my favourite Pixar movies because this was the first Pixar film that really drifted away from the typical Pixar formula and Brad Bird made that happen. Next he directed another one of my favourite Pixar movies, Ratatouille. Bar Toy Story Ratatouille is my favourite Pixar film; it is just a complete joy. As always with Pixar the animation is phenomenal along with amazing voice acting and astonishing script writing, it is just an overall masterpiece. Finally Brad Bird directed what I would say his greatest masterpiece, not because it’s his best but because it shows that he really can direct. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is my personal favourite of the whole franchise and Brad Bird made it that. This was Bird’s first live action feature length movie and what an amazing job he did. We may need a few more films to just see how great Bird really is but we can expect great things from him.

14. James Cameron – This guy has directed a few more films than Brad Bird with two of his films being the highest grossing movies of all time. James Cameron has directed some truly brilliant films, one of which being The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, both of these films really are masterpieces but it is obvious that The Terminator is the better of the two. The Terminator is the greatest sci-fi violent action movie of all time; it is a true monster of a movie with a monster of a character. Both Terminators are among the greatest sci-fi films of all time, these films really made the genre popular to people who weren’t nerds. Cameron also directed the sequel to Ridley Scott’s Alien, Aliens, which is also one of the greatest sic-fi movies of all time. Aliens is a dark, gritty and simply terrifying piece of cinema. As you can see Cameron likes the science-fiction genre that didn’t stop with Aliens he also directed the highest grossing movie of all time, Avatar. I loved Avatar, it may not be one of my all time favourites but it was truly awesome. James Cameron made me believe that 3D can be used to benefit the engagement of a film and I thought that would never happen. Another great momentum from Cameron was of course the second highest grossing movie of all time, Titanic. It has been said that Titanic is the greatest love story of all time, but I disagree. I wasn’t personally a massive fan but I have to admit it was a brilliant piece of cinema that has been beautifully shot with great shots throughout that only James Cameron himself could have done.

13. Francis Ford Coppola – The director of the so-called “greatest movie of all time” The Godfather is at my number thirteen spot. Coppola has made some breathtaking films in his career, my personal favourite of Coppola’s has to be Apocalypse Now, it is one of the greatest war movies ever made. It is a disturbing vision of the effects and shocks that continue to haunt people about the Vietnam war. I actually prefer Apocalypse Now to The Godfather, it was when people actually began to speak the word of Coppola as being one of the greatest film makers of all time. Coppola showed us all with The Godfather series how a gangster film should really be done, he then changed gangster films forever with most gangster films after The Godfather mimicking the beauty and style of Coppola’s films. The films Coppola directed have collectively won 22 Oscars that is an awful lot, of those twenty-two Coppola has won five for himself. I love Coppola’s films I feel as they are all so complete and are all utter masterpieces.

12. Peter Jackson – It seems that Peter Jackson was born to make The Lord Of The Rings he did such a perfect job and was better than anything I could have ever imagined.  The Lord Of The Rings is the best trilogy ever created; all three movies are some of the finest examples of perfection I have ever seen. Lord Of The Rings are what most people know Peter Jackson for and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, to be honest he hasn’t really done much else apart from King Kong. He directed The Lovely Bones which didn’t get very good reviews and I really didn’t like it. The reason that Peter Jackson isn’t higher on my list is because I feel like he can only make Lord Of The Rings related films but it’s because those films are so amazing that he is on this list. The only film that isn’t Lord Of The Rings that I love that Peter Jackson did was King Kong; I thought it was brilliant if a little slow. It was a great testament to the original King Kong, it felt like the perfect remake that no-one asked for but still loved. I think I need to see more evidence of what else Peter Jackson can do before I completely fall in love with him because I think he has great potential to be phenomenal.

11. J.J. Abrams – This is another director on my list who hasn’t done a plethora of films, J.J. Abrams is probably best known for his direction/production of the Lost series. It’s a shame he is because he has done so much more since that series. My personal favourite movie of Abrams’ so far has to be his new take on Star Trek; I thought it was absolutely astonishing. I’m not usually a large Star Trek fan but when I saw Abrams take on the franchise I fell in love with it, he really sparked a whole new lease of life into that franchise. Super 8 is another brilliant film that has been directed by Abrams and yet again I loved another one of his masterpieces. After watching Super 8 it confirmed what I was thinking of Abrams, he really is just like a young Steven Spielberg, you can really tell that when watching Super 8 and its resemblance to E.T. Mission Impossible 3 is the first film that Abrams directed and it was my favourite in the series until Brad Bird’s fourth installment came along. I feel that Mission Impossible 3 is different from Abrams’ over films; it’s a lot more explosions and action centered whereas the other two are more beautifully shot. I just know that Abrams will grow up making more and more amazing pieces of cinema that I will cherish forever. Abrams says he grew up admiring Spielberg and that really comes through in his films and I reckon in twenty years we will be watching Abrams films thinking that this is the second Spielberg. 

The second part of my list of best directors will be out on Thursday of next week. What do you think of my list so far? Who are your favourite directors? Feel free to tell me all your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks again for reading, and if you enjoyed this post please feel free to hit that follow and like button to show me some love. Don’t forget to check back on 1st March for part 2.

Top 5 Joseph Gordon-Levitt Movies

Today is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s 31st birthday so I thought I would make a quick list of my personal favourite films he has done so far.

5. 10 Things I Hate About You – There’s nothing better than watching a film with two amazing actors playing off each other, this film has exactly that. A film with Joseph Gordon-Levitt himself and the late phenomenal Heath Ledger is a recipe for perfection. 10 Things I Hate About You is a film based on Shakespeare’s play The Taming Of The Shrew but set in an American high school. This makes for a great romantic comedy but with some flaws but that doesn’t stop this film from being smart and beautifully excited. This film obviously isn’t for everyone as it is a rom-com but this is a film perfect for teenage girls but that shouldn’t stop it from being loved by everyone else.

4. The Lookout – Another astoundingly acted film by Levitt himself. The Lookout centres on Chris (Levitt) who experiences a savage road traffic accident which turns his life upside-down, then attempting to live a normal life Chris finds himself caught up with the wrong people and into a planned bank robbery. This is a great thriller that really shows the many talents of Levitt giving an extremely strong lead performance. The Lookout does have some flaws, one of them being the ending. A great thriller heist movie that is filled with great dialogue and even better performances.

3. (500) Days Of Summer – This film is my favourite romance movie, it is just amazing how truthful this film really is. (500) Days Of Summer focuses on Tom (Levitt) and his search for true love, which leads him to find Summer (Zooey Deschanel) who doesn’t believe in any such thing as “the one.” This is one of very few romance films that Hollywood hasn’t chocolate covered and instead just shows us the gritty truth of what a relationship is really like. The acting from both Levitt and Deschanel is this film is astonishing, they have electric chemistry between them making for some extremely romantic moments. This film isn’t necessarily laugh out loud funny, what makes it a comedy is the fact that you feel like you have been there before and how easily you can relate to everything Tom and Summer do.

2. 50/50 – This is by far Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s greatest performance, he delivers a humorous and extremely moving performance of cancer patient Adam. The film centres on Levitt’s character and how he deals with his diagnosis of cancer followed by his struggle to beat the disease. When first hearing about this film a comedy about cancer didn’t seem like it would be the most sensitive of films but 50/50 manages to pull it off perfectly. 50/50 contains some seriously emotional scenes, the most being the scene just before he goes in for sugary, that had me and everyone else in the theatre in tears. If you haven’t seen 50/50 I highly recommend it, but if you’ve had someone you know die of cancer then that will make this film that bit more emotional and meaningful.

1. Inception – This isn’t really much of a surprise that this is number one, I know Levitt isn’t in a lead role here but it is still his best film. It’s not necessarily his best performance, that goes to 50/50 but this truly is a masterpiece. Inception is about a group of people who try to carry out Inception – putting some into a dream state and putting an idea into their head – it is quite difficult to explain but you can click on the picture below to check out the trailer. This is abother film which contains a phenomenal performance from Levitt with great chemistry between him and Tom Hardy. I would recommend Inception to anyone, it is one of my favourite movies, another masterpiece by Christopher Nolan. 

Happy birthday Joseph! So what is you favourite Levitt film? Feel free to tell me in the comments below. Thanks again for reading. If you liked this post, feel free to hit that follow button to keep up to date with movie news and review.

Romantic Movies Both Genders Will Love This Valentines

As today is valentines day I thought I would give you a few ideas of movies that you and your partner can enjoy together this valentines. (Just click on the images to view the trailers)

(500) Days Of Summer – This is my favourite romantic films, I seriously love this film and I’m a guy. (500) Days Of Summer centres on Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levvitt) and his search for true love, which leads him to find Summer (Zooey Deschanel) a woman who doesn’t believe in “true love” but that doesn’t stop Tom falling deeply in love with her. The thing I really love about this film is how truthful it is, and how it a fresh take on the romantic comedy genre. This movie is so close to perfect, it is actually one of my favourite movies I have ever seen, it is simply beautiful. This film contains so extremely loveable actors that will capture your attention throughout, Levitt and Deschanel make for a great couple that have phenomenal chemistry throughout; you will not doubt their relationship for one second while watching. (500) Days Of Summer is a sweet, refreshing and extremely delightful film that everyone will love. This would be my number one recommendation for you and your partner to watch on valentines night.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World – Girls will love the romance side and guys will love just how nerdy this film really is. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World focuses on Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) and how he has to defeat his new girlfriend, Ramona’s (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) seven evil ex-boyfriends. Admittedly the nerdier of people will like this film a lot more than others but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it. This film is smart, funny and at time rather cute; the cuteness of this film should appeal to the women in a relationship, but the occasional action will keep the men interested. Scott Pilgrim has some great teen actors in it offering great performances from Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, you can just tell that these two actors will be on our screens for a while. I wouldn’t recommend this film to everyone as I know some people that wouldn’t like it, you can check out the trailer below and if that doesn’t interest you then I highly doubt you will like the rest of the film.

Edward Scissorhands – Another film that isn’t an obvious romance film but it is still worth the watch with your other half on valentines day. It maybe set during Christmas but that shouldn’t stop you from watching it. Edward Scissorhands is a strange young man who has scissors for hands who falls in love with a gorgeous teenage girl. Edward Scissorhands has some astonishing performances from amazing actors who were just starting off, we get to see Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder twenty two years younger than they are now. Overall this film is a great happy movie that will be loved by anyone who watches it.

Friends With Benefits – This is one of the films on my list that is a true rom-com that can be loved by both genders. Friends With Benefits focuses on the relationship between Jamie (Mila Kunis) and Dylan (Justin Timberlake) and how they decide to be friends but still have sex. Yes it does sound extremely similar to a film called No String Attached but trust me when I say this, Friends With Benefits is a mile better, for starters this film is actually funny and it contains younger hotter actors. It is the actress in this film that will keep the men interested throughout this film, Mila Kunis will keep guys eyes fixed on the screen for every seen she is in. The chemistry between Kunis and Timberlake is just pure brilliance, they are both hilarious together offering an overall funny film mixed with a predictable storyline but that doesn’t effect the lovableness of this film and its characters.

Which movie will you be watching this year with your loved one? Feel free to tell me in the comments below. Thanks again for reading.