Who Really Are The Best Directors Ever? (Part 3)

5. Martin Scorsese – One of the most humble men in cinema today has many reasons why he is at number five on my list. Martin Scorsese is usually known for directing quite dramatic pieces targeted at the older generation, but this year Scorsese blew us all away with his first children’s movie that showed us all he really is a genius. My personal favourite of Scorsese’s is of course his cult classic, Taxi Driver, I only saw this for the first time recently and I absolutely loved it, it is Scorsese’s dark twisted urban masterpiece that is loved and studied by film lovers across the globe, through every generation. Another one of my Marty favourites is another one of his starring Robert De Niro, this time he’s in a boxing ring in Raging Bull. It is a boxing phenomenon that is still bloody and brutal to this very day, despite being filmed in black and white. Raging Bull is a fascinating journey into someone’s mind and one of the greatest movies of the 80’s. Of course you couldn’t mention Marty without mentioning his brilliant gangster movie, GoodFellas, which surprisingly is another film staring De Niro, in yet another astonishing performance. GoodFellas is yet another dark twisted and brutal movie that Scorsese has beautifully made. After this year Scorsese really showed us all that he really can direct anything and it will be an absolute delight to watch.

4. Woody Allen – The hipster of all filmmakers, Woody Allen has directed some of my favourite films of all time, with his unique, awkwardly funny style in which he makes his phenomenal masterpieces. My favourite Allen movie is of course Annie Hall, written, directed and starring the brilliant Allen. It is a touching and hilarious love story with truly lovely performances that is by far Allen’s best piece that he has produced. Woody Allen does do a few comedy romance movies and no wonder he is so good at them, another rom-com masterpiece is Manhattan, it is smart and incredibly witty. Allen’s most recent movie, Midnight In Paris is also one of my favourites of his, it is absolutely beautiful, with amazing shots of Paris and phenomenal acting from Owen Wilson taking the role that Allen would have played in his earlier movies. You have to be one extremely skilled filmmaker to write, direct and star in the same movies, very few can pull it off but he can and he pulls it off so well.

3. Steven Spielberg – Well what can I say about this genius? Everyone knows how great Spielberg’s films are and that he is one of the greatest moviemakers of out generation. Shockingly there are some people out there that believe that Spielberg’s work is overrated and he is actually a poor director, well those people must be clinically insane. Spielberg has directed so many monstrous classics that I absolutely love, my favourite Spielberg film is the World War Two epic, Saving Private Ryan. I think that it is one of Spielberg’s most beautifully shot movies, I haven’t experienced a better scene in movie history than the Normandy beach landing that features in the first twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan, I just feel as though that scene is the pinnacle of cinema. Spielberg has directed so many other great movies and I know you know them so I don’t need to talk about them all but thought I would mention a few. You can’t talk about Spielberg with out mentioning the Indiana Jones trilogy (the fourth didn’t happen!) the TRILOGY was an absolute triumph giving us one of the greatest action-adventure trilogies we have ever had the privilege to watch. The best of the trilogy is of course Raiders Of The Lost Ark, it really is a film that has it all and is splendid. Spielberg has the triumph of directing one of the greatest thrillers of all time, Jaws, a fast paced masterpiece with perfect camera placement throughout. As I said I can’t mention all of his films but you have probably grasped on the fact already that he is a phenomenal director.

2. David Fincher – Yes, this is the same David Fincher that directed the abomination that is Alien 3, but you know what? After that he started directing some astonishing movies. David Fincher first hit theatres with Alien 3 which was a huge disappointment in the so far phenomenal Alien franchise, not many people get a second chance in Hollywood but Fincher got one and really showed us that he really can direct. Fincher has directed FIVE of my favourite movies of all time, which I think is the most by a single director in my list (which will be coming soon) My favourite movie of Fincher’s is his cult classic, Fight Club, when it was first released people weren’t really fans, they didn’t know what to make of this puzzling movie but years later movie lovers around the world have fallen in love with this iconic masterpiece. Fincher also directed the drama centring on the creation of the largest social network ever, The Social Network, this is actually my second favourite movie of Fincher’s. I feel as though The Social Network is so beautiful, the cinematography mixed with Fincher’s direction is just phenomenally break taking. The Social Network is of a very rare quality that is Fincher’s most engrossing film to date. I really do love Fincher’s films, I feel as though he gives them a sense of darkness that other directors can’t do.

1. Christopher Nolan – Of course, who else would it really be? I believe that Christopher Nolan is the greatest director of all time, not just of our generation. I know Christopher Nolan hasn’t directed a plethora of films like Scorsese and Spielberg but every film he has directed I have absolutely loved, only four of his films are my favourite of all time, one less than Fincher but I feel as though Nolan is more consistent with his brilliance and it still puzzles me to this very day that he hasn’t won an Oscar. Christopher Nolan’s biggest achievement is by far what he has done to the Batman series, he has created a whole new style of superhero movie that will be mimicked in films for years to come. My personal favourite Nolan movie is of course his phenomenal Batman movie, The Dark Knight. It is not only one of the greatest comic book movies of all time, it is one of the greatest movies of all time, period. Heath Ledger delivers one of the finest performances I have ever seen in a film and I’m so glad that he won the Oscar for his role he truly deserved it. Aside from revolutionising the Batman series Nolan has directed some extremely puzzling films, from Memento to the mind boggling Inception. They are both astonishing films and really show Nolan’s power as a director. I know Nolan hasn’t done hundreds of films but he is the only director that when they bring out a new film I am, one extremely excited and two, I know it will be a stunning piece of cinema. I just can’t wait to see what this genius directs in the future as in my eyes he hasn’t made a single bad film yet and I know he will keep it that way; he is a man of perfection. To make him even better, he is British.

Who are your favourites of all time? Feel free to tell me your comments below. Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed this post please feel free to like and follow to show me some love.

8 Responses to Who Really Are The Best Directors Ever? (Part 3)

  1. rnbondo says:

    Reblogged this on The Film Discussion.

  2. I think Nolan is a great pick, but I have a feeling that his best work is yet to come. I think Paul Thomas Anderson should be on your list too.

    • moviesoclock says:

      I totally agree with you, I can’t wait for him to start on new projects now he has finished with his Batman trilogy. I do like some of Paul Thomas Anderson’s work but I only really loved There Will Be Blood and Magnolia, which were great films but not some of my favourites. Everyone on this list has directed a film that is in my top 50 films of all time (which I will be doing a list of in the future, so stick around for that).

  3. yup…Nolan is definitely the best director of all time…loved all his work till date…hope to see his new projects soon…

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