Who Really Are The Best Directors Ever? (Part 2)

10. Quentin Tarantino – Quentin Tarantino films are like Marmite, you either love them all you hate them, and I love them. I don’t think that he has ever made a film that I haven’t liked. The first feature length film that Quentin Tarantino directed is one of my favourite films of all time and thats not bad for a forest attempt, Reservoir Dogs is an absolutely phenomenal film. It has been beautifully directed, acted and just an overall perfect film; it has to be the best first feature length I have seen. One thing I love about Tarantino is that he stars as a cameo role in a majority of his films. Tarantino then went on to direct the cult classic Pulp Fiction, now don’t get me wrong I liked Pulp Fiction but I don’t feel as though it is one of the greatest films ever made as some other people believe. I did think it was good and I can see why people look at it as a classic, I just found it too long and that is the only real issue I have with the film. Tarantino went on to direct two great films that I loved – Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2 – they are both brilliant, Volume 1 was obviously the better of the two as is the case with most films but by no means was the second one bad. It was visually stunning and also brilliant written by Tarantino, it also follows the incredibly violent nature that Tarantino does with his films. Tarantino’s most recently directed film is my personal favourite, Inglorious Basterds is a World War Two film that centres on a group of guys who go around killing Nazi’s. I had a bit of a soft spot for war movies so I’m not really one t sufficiently judge but this film is phenomenal, it has captivating performances from everyone in it, especially Christoph Waltz and Michael Fassbender. I love all of Tarantino’s movies and they all follow the style I love, excessive violence and gore, I think he is one of the greatest directors of out time and he will produce so many more brilliant films in the coming years.

9. The Coen Brothers – The best double team in the whole of movie making. The Coen brothers have made some really good movies in their time and there are very few movies that they don’t do together. They have won four Oscars each for their films, three for No Country For Old Men and one for Fargo. Fargo is actually my favourite Coen brothers film it is a mature and beautiful film that I only watched for the first time recently but absolutely loved. The Coen brothers also directed one of my favourite remakes ever, True Grit, it is a solid and extremely classy piece of film that only these brothers could have put together. Now the Coen brothers don’t just do dramas that the normal filmgoer doesn’t enjoy, they do thrillers ad comedies. The Big Lebowski is a stylish and hilarious cult classic that is loved by millions, it’s just a shame I’m not one of them. Don’t get me wrong I did like The Big Lebowski but I don’t feel as thought it is a little overrated. I really love the Coen Brothers and I think their films have a very personal touch to each one of them making them stand out from the rest.

8. Robert Zemeckis –  He made one of my favourite trilogies of all time and that I enough of a reason for him to be at number eight. Robert Zemeckis directed the Back To The Future trilogy which I fell in love with as a child and have loved ever since. Everyone knows that the first Back To The Future was the best of the trilogy but by no means does that mean the others are bad. Back To The Future is an absolute 80’s delight that has become an instant sic-fi classic that will be loved by generations to come. Back To The Future is actually one of my favourite movies of all time, I just think it is irresistible. Zemeckis also directed the other two films in the Back To The Future trilogy and there were also brilliant science fiction movies that as a trilogy should be cherished for many years to come. Robert Zemeckis also directed two of my other favourite films of all time, the first being the astounding Forrest Gump, which was an absolute delight of a movie. Yes it does have its flaws but there is no denying that it’s unmissable. The second is Castaway which an absolute classic, its hard for a director to make a film where the whole film is just one character but he pulls it off brilliantly making for a phenomenal film. I love Zemeckis and his films, admittedly he has had a few bad on

7. Billy Wilder – In Michel Hazanavicius’ Oscar winning speech he thanked Billy Wilder three times, what an influential director he must have been to still be effecting the way people direct on this very day. My personal favourite of Billy Wilder’s films has to be Some Like It Hot, this is also the first Wilder film I saw and since then I have fallen in love with his phenomenal masterpieces. I first saw Some Like It Hot when I was just six years old and you wouldn’t expect someone of that age to love this film but you know what I did. I thought it was smart, sophisticated and is the greatest comedy I have ever seen, it is just gorgeous. Another one of my Wilder favourites is the astonishing Apartment, it was number twelve in Empire’s top 500 movies of all time which is the highest Wilder film on the list. I really loved The Apartment, yes it isn’t as good as Some Like It Hot but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an absolute delight. Every film Billy Wilder makes becomes and instant classic with one of the most joyful styles I have ever seen. I haven’t seen everyone of Wilder’s films but the ones I have seen I have fallen in love with, they are all absolutely phenomenal.

6. Alfred Hitchcock – He has made some of the biggest classics of all time that have been studied and mimicked by film makers for years after he made them. My personal favourite of Hitchcock’s is of course the phenomenal Psycho, even though it is in black and white he still manages to set a beautifully terrifying theme throughout this whole masterpiece. Psycho made for the most iconic scene in the whole of horror movies, the music mixed with the violence and tension of the shower scene in Psycho will forever be the basis of all horror movies. Hitchcock also directed the unmissable mystery drama Rear Window, yet another movie I loved from Hitchcock. I thought that Rear Window a masterpiece and is yet another great classic made by the phenomenal Alfred Hitchcock. Another instant classic that came from Hitchcock is of course the brilliant North By Northwest, this is extremely close to be my favourite Hitchcock moviethis is by far his most playful movie and it is his most unique movie she compared to the rest. Some people say that Hitchcock’s movies are to dull and boring as they are all so similar, I don’t believe that, I think that they are all so unique in their own little way. Even if you think they all feel the same there is still no denying that he is one of the greatest masters of cinema ever and he will remain one of them for so many generations; I feel as though he is the director who really influenced movies in the biggest way.

So what do you think of my top directors list so far? Who are your favourites? Feel free to tell me your comments below. Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed this post please feel free to like and follow to show me some love.

2 Responses to Who Really Are The Best Directors Ever? (Part 2)

  1. rwhyan says:

    Great list, I love Hitchcock’s films. It’s hard to find one of his movies that isn’t entertaining.

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