Buy A Blu-Ray A Week – USA

Blu-rays To BUY

Game Of Thrones Season 1 – I never actually watched Game Of Thrones, yes I know I have been told many a time that I am missing out. But don’t worry I will be picking this up soon and then I will be able to experience that critically acclaimed series. From what I have heard I would definitely recommend this to a lot of people but I can really judge until I actually give it a watch. I think that you should pick this up just because of all the buzz and acclaim that has surrounded it.  

The Skin I Live In – I’m not usually one for foreign movies but this one blew me away. After watching The Skin I Live In I don’t see how it didn’t win let alone get a nomination. I agree with what many critics are saying that this is a Spanish Hitchcock movie. This is a great dark twisted drama thriller that delivers a new modern take on the classic Frankenstein story. I seriously love this movie and I would recommend to all of you but if you don’t like reading subtitles then you may not want to check this one out.

Like Crazy – I very recently watched Like Crazy as it had been recommended to me by many different people and I actually really enjoyed it. This is one of Felicity Jones’ greatest performances along along with her partner Anton Yelchin who pleasantly surprised me. If you aren’t into romantic dramas then this definitely won’t be one for you but to anyone that does I seriously recommend this to you, and I can guarantee that you will love it.


Footloose – I was seriously uninterested by this movie, I had no intention whatsoever to check it out, so I didn’t. However I have heard some really good things but also some really bad things so I’m really unsure whether to recommend this to you or not. It has received a quite impressive 70% on RottenTomatoes so i could be worth your time. If you are into these sorts of movies then this one might be for you but I’m still not interested but you maybe.

Blu-rays To AVOID 

Immortals –  I really really hated this movie, I wasn’t interested from any of the poster or trailers. While watching Immortals all I thought about was how much this film is trying to mimic 300, yes it has the same producers but it doesn’t mean you have to try and recreate the exact same film. To be fair to this film, it does look pretty nice, and has surprisingly great looks for such a dreadful film. It seems as though film makers can never get these sort of films right and I don’t want to see hundreds of more attempts until they make a good one. I really wouldn’t recommend this film to anyone as I hated it so much, but its your call.

Jack And Jill – Of course I wasn’t going to recommend this steaming pile of shit. There isn’t really much I can say about this movie, most of you know how seriously poor it is and that is why you shouldn’t go anywhere near this movie. EVER!

All of the above Bly-rays are released Tuesday 6th March 2012 in the USA. So what blu-ray will you be picking up this week? If any? Feel free to tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks again for reading, if you enjoyed this post please feel to hit that like and follow button to show me some love.

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