Buy A Blu-Ray A Week – UK

Blu-Rays To BUY

Warrior – This was one of the best films of 2011, I absolutely loved this movie and it is defiantly worth a purchase on Blu-ray. Warrior centres on two brothers who both enrol in a mixed martial arts competition where they both end up against each other. It is a fairly standard story but it has been executed phenomenally, it has amazing acting from the great Tom Hardy and an Oscar worthy performance from Nick Nolte as their drunk father. I would recommend this film to anyone, it really is astonishing.

Fright Night – This is by no way better than the original but it is still a pretty good film, it is smart and funny and surprisingly frightening. Fright Night centres a teenager that suspects that his new neighbour is a vampire. This film does have a pretty great performance from Colin Farrell dishing out a pretty harrowing performance. I wouldn’t recommend this film to everyone, this is film is more suited to the people who enjoy the horror genre.

Blu-Rays To AVOID

Real Steel – I reviewed this film a few weeks back and I did not enjoy this one bit. Real Steel is set in the future where robot boxing has now become the biggest sport in the world, a retired boxer and his son decide to get into the game of robot boxing. I thought this film was really poor, yes your children may enjoy it but you defiantly won’t. I would only recommend this film to a family who want to watch this film with their kids.

All of these Blu-rays are released on Monday 20th February 2012. What Blu-ray will you be picking up this week? Feel free to tell me in the comments below. Thanks again for reading and if you enjoyed this post please feel free to hit that follow button.


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  1. jkenjin says:

    Thank you for your post! Keep up the good job and have a great aloha week!! ^_^

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