Top 5 Joseph Gordon-Levitt Movies

Today is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s 31st birthday so I thought I would make a quick list of my personal favourite films he has done so far.

5. 10 Things I Hate About You – There’s nothing better than watching a film with two amazing actors playing off each other, this film has exactly that. A film with Joseph Gordon-Levitt himself and the late phenomenal Heath Ledger is a recipe for perfection. 10 Things I Hate About You is a film based on Shakespeare’s play The Taming Of The Shrew but set in an American high school. This makes for a great romantic comedy but with some flaws but that doesn’t stop this film from being smart and beautifully excited. This film obviously isn’t for everyone as it is a rom-com but this is a film perfect for teenage girls but that shouldn’t stop it from being loved by everyone else.

4. The Lookout – Another astoundingly acted film by Levitt himself. The Lookout centres on Chris (Levitt) who experiences a savage road traffic accident which turns his life upside-down, then attempting to live a normal life Chris finds himself caught up with the wrong people and into a planned bank robbery. This is a great thriller that really shows the many talents of Levitt giving an extremely strong lead performance. The Lookout does have some flaws, one of them being the ending. A great thriller heist movie that is filled with great dialogue and even better performances.

3. (500) Days Of Summer – This film is my favourite romance movie, it is just amazing how truthful this film really is. (500) Days Of Summer focuses on Tom (Levitt) and his search for true love, which leads him to find Summer (Zooey Deschanel) who doesn’t believe in any such thing as “the one.” This is one of very few romance films that Hollywood hasn’t chocolate covered and instead just shows us the gritty truth of what a relationship is really like. The acting from both Levitt and Deschanel is this film is astonishing, they have electric chemistry between them making for some extremely romantic moments. This film isn’t necessarily laugh out loud funny, what makes it a comedy is the fact that you feel like you have been there before and how easily you can relate to everything Tom and Summer do.

2. 50/50 – This is by far Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s greatest performance, he delivers a humorous and extremely moving performance of cancer patient Adam. The film centres on Levitt’s character and how he deals with his diagnosis of cancer followed by his struggle to beat the disease. When first hearing about this film a comedy about cancer didn’t seem like it would be the most sensitive of films but 50/50 manages to pull it off perfectly. 50/50 contains some seriously emotional scenes, the most being the scene just before he goes in for sugary, that had me and everyone else in the theatre in tears. If you haven’t seen 50/50 I highly recommend it, but if you’ve had someone you know die of cancer then that will make this film that bit more emotional and meaningful.

1. Inception – This isn’t really much of a surprise that this is number one, I know Levitt isn’t in a lead role here but it is still his best film. It’s not necessarily his best performance, that goes to 50/50 but this truly is a masterpiece. Inception is about a group of people who try to carry out Inception – putting some into a dream state and putting an idea into their head – it is quite difficult to explain but you can click on the picture below to check out the trailer. This is abother film which contains a phenomenal performance from Levitt with great chemistry between him and Tom Hardy. I would recommend Inception to anyone, it is one of my favourite movies, another masterpiece by Christopher Nolan. 

Happy birthday Joseph! So what is you favourite Levitt film? Feel free to tell me in the comments below. Thanks again for reading. If you liked this post, feel free to hit that follow button to keep up to date with movie news and review.


5 Responses to Top 5 Joseph Gordon-Levitt Movies

  1. Axy says:

    Gosh, I was and still am a fan of Heath Ledger… and coincidentally a fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt ever since 10 Things I Hate About You. He sometimes reminds me of Heath so much… Every time I see a movie with Jo I am delighted and I can’t wait to see him in Batman The Dark Knight Rises! Great post!

    • moviesoclock says:

      I think they can look quite similar at times, especially when they both have long hair. I am extremely excited for The Dark Knight Rises and you just know he will deliver a stand out performance as usual. Thank you, it means a lot.

  2. I agree with everything on the list. Inception is the best, but the best performance is 50/50. The Lookout is definitely an underrated movie that he did. What about the movie “Brick”? Have you seen that one too?

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