Oscar Snubs Of 2012 Rant

The Oscars, the most esteemed movie awards ceremony of the year. It is usually the Golden Globes that provides the biggest snubs and gives nominations away to movies that don’t even deserve it. Every year there are typically a few films and actors that get snubbed by the Oscars but this year it is ridiculous.

The biggest snub of the year has to be Drive, I mean come on, it has been given one nomination and that is for Sound Editing. What the fuck Academy, care toexplain to me why Transformers: Dark Of The Moon has been given more nominations that Drive. Now Drive was my second favourite film of 2011 and I understand some people didn’t like it and thought the violence was a bit over the top; but the Academy isn’t just one person, it is a collection of people, not everyone there could have hated Drive enough to give it ONE nomination. There are many awards Drive got snubbed for, the first one being the most obvious, Best Picture, now this is where I start to get a little raged. Here is what I don’t understand, how in the world could Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close or as I like to call it Extremely Pretentious And Incredibly Shit get nominated over Drive? Answer me that Academy, is it because it is centred around 9/11? Or is it just because you hate great movies? I hated Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close and I don’t understand how anyone could enjoy it; it got completely crucified by reviewers and I did not expect this movie to even get mentioned at the Oscars, boy was I wrong. Another category that Drive got fucked on was of course directing, this category also baffles me; how could the direction of Tree Of Life be better than that of Drive? Drive was shot beautifully by Nicolas Winding Refn and he really needs some sort of recognition, yet this year he got absolutely jack shit from the Academy, the Hollywood Foreign Press and BAFTA. It just puzzles me how Drive can miss out on so many awards, it was loved by critics and there were so many critics and reviewers that put it as number one in their top films of 2011. Drive is a mile better than Tree Of Life and Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close and the Academy should feel ashamed that they have nominated these films over Drive. The final category that Drive got largely snubbed by is Best Supporting Actor, Albert Brooks as Bernie Rose who was by far the best actor in the whole film and was completely snubbed of any recognition by the Academy. After last years snubbing of Inception followed by this years snubbing of Drive it has really made me lose faith in the Academy as they clearly aren’t a good enough judge of films.

Now onto War Horse, yes War Horse has received six nominations this year but it hasn’t been nominated for the one I think it is most deserving, Best Director. War Horse was filmed beautifully by the astonishing Steven Spielberg who very rarely does anything wrong and that doesn’t change here. Steven Spielberg should have most defiantly received a nomination here, especially over the extremely overrated Tree Of Life. But then again it really doesn’t matter who gets nominated for any of these awards we all know The Artist will just win them all.

The big thing I don’t understand is why hasn’t 50/50 received any nominations, it didn’t receive any at the BAFTA’s either and only getting a few at the Golden Globes. 50/50 was my favourite movie of 2011 and it was loved my so many critics and viewers yet it has got less nominations that Drive at the Oscars. I understand that the Academy wouldn’t want to nominate 50/50 as Best Picture as it isn’t of a “high enough class” for the wankers in the Academy. It could have been nominated for so much more, I think the nominations that 50/50 deserves the most is Best Original Screenplay, written from a true story it is filled with humour and sadness that has been beautifully written by the man who is behind the story, Will Reiser. The second nomination that the stupid Academy didn’t nominate 50/50 for is Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Best Actor, this has been his best performance of his astounding career and he really deserves some recognition for that. Then again no-one will win in the category for Best Actor as everyone knows the award will be taken home by Jean Durjardin. 

There are a few nominations that I am very pleased with such as: Gary Oldman for Best Actor in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, War Horse for Best Picture, Nick Nolte for Best Supporting Actor in Warrior, Rooney Mara for Best Actress in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Melissa McCarthy for Best Supporting Actress in Bridesmaids and Midnight In Paris for Best Picture.

I do feel as though this has been a poor year for Oscar nominations and as for the winners we all know that the overrated Artist will take virtually everything it is nominated for. I hope I’m not the only one but I hate it when one film takes home the majority of the awards, even if I love that film I still hate it when they all go to one production.

Anyway that is my rant over, I managed to keep the foul language to a minimum even though I was fuming as writing it. What do you think of this years Oscar nominations? Are you happy with them all? What are you pissed off about getting snubbed? Feel free to tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for reading. If you like this post please click that follow button to keep up to date with all the movie news and reviews.

3 Responses to Oscar Snubs Of 2012 Rant

  1. Bruce says:

    Not to mention Senna. Wins the BAFTA for Best Documentary and doesn’t even make the long list for the Oscars let alone the Nominees.

  2. pmarguedas says:

    Its a shame that shit like this happens, Drive is honestly the movie of the year but its all about who pays more and what famous director worked on what. fuck those award shows they honestly prove nothing. the film has a following and a huge fan base. thanks for posting this

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