Blu-Ray Review – ‘Stand By Me’

The Movie:

Stand By Me centres on a group of young friends that go on a hunt looking for a missing boy. Stand By Me has been called one of the greatest coming of age stories ever, and you know what, I totally agree with that. This film is phenomenal, the acting from the four young boys is great, its a shame we don’t see them in more films these days; we occasionally see Will Wheaton on screen in episodes of The Big Bang Theory but that is about it really. But the four main actors Wheaton, Phoenix, Feldman and O’Connell supply the perfect amount of wit, sensitivity and emotion throughout the film not making for a single dull moment.

Stand By Me is a classic and it is hard to find a reason why someone wouldn’t love this film. It has become the film that we all use to remember the great actor River Phoenix and how astonishing an actor he was. It is a timeless film that will forever be known as the greatest coming of age story ever told.


The Picture:

Stand By Me in blu-ray looks as beautiful as ever, while keeping its 80’s it still manages to look great on any set-up you have. Occasionally getting a few lightly grainy scenes really shows the age of this film but the colours are still there and as vibrant and stunning as ever. The part of the film that really shines in 1080p is the pie eating contest with Lard Ass, the colour of the blueberry vomit really bounces off the screen making for a great looking scene. There are some low points in the remastering however, the darker scenes can seem a little murkier and some shadows are not as clear as they could be. That being said I  would still recommend this blu-ray to anyone, fans of Stand By Me will love the restoration making for a thoroughly enjoyable watch.


The Sound:

Stand By Me ships with 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, the sound gives the film a really cinematic feel. No, this film doesn’t have any explosions, car chases or fast paced action to really push the audio but the sound quality really adds to the cinematic experience in a lot of scenes. Where the sound really shines is the scene in which the train is chasing them, that scene will really bring your home cinema system to life. The dialogue sounds just as good as it always did with very it feeling natural. All the sounds are really done well here giving you an overall nicely polished remastered update to the films sound.


The Extras: 

  • Stand By Me music video
  • Documentary featurette
  • Audio commentary with Reiner 
  • A video reunion with Reiner, Wheaton and Feldman, along with picture in picture commentary

All but the video reunion were special features that were on the original DVD release of Stand By Me back in 2000. The video reunion with picture in picture commentary is great, it is really nice to see Wheaton and Feldman back together again after 25 years, their conversation is lively and great fun. If you love this film then you have to watch this picture in picture it is brilliant, it’s just a shame River wasn’t there to join them as well. The featurette is quite good, it’s just the typical featurette you get with all films nowadays but it is great to see Stephen King in it.


The Verdict: 

This is a great update for anyone who loves this movie. Stand By Me is a rememberable film that will stick with you for ages and it is defiantly worth picking it up on blu-ray. If you already own the DVD and are a huge Stand By Me fan then this is a must get as that picture in picture extra is the selling point. This is highly recommended with a great remastering in both sound and picture and also a plethora of extras for you to feast your eyes on.


Will you be picking up Stand By Me? Feel free to tell your thoughts on this film below. Thanks again for reading.

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