My Favourite YouTube Movie Reviewers

There hasn’t been that much interesting movie news today so I thought I would throw together a few of my favourite YouTube movie reviewers that you should definitely subscribe to if you haven’t already.

First up, one of my favourite movie reviewers who doesn’t just do reviews he also throws news into the mix. He is there to make each video as funny as possible, of course it is Peter Rallis hosting his brilliant movie show Movie Buzz. If you have never seen a Peter Rallis video before there is one below for you to check out and I highly recommend it not even his humour can beat the way he says War Horse (1:33 in the video below.) You may not necessarily agree with all his views on films but if you are interested in films I definitely recommend you to give his videos a watch.


The next YouTuber that I highly recommend is the SchmoesKnow they make a great pair and are their chemistry between them is brilliant and I prefer hearing two different views on one film. Their reviews are thorough with some comedic elements and you can really tell that a lot of work and time goes into making their videos; they are so dedicated to their reviewing career that last year they created now one of my favourite awards ceremonies the YouReviewers Awards which I can’t wait for. You can check out one of their videos below and I definitely recommend you subscribe as their reviews are great and I very rarely disagree with anything they say, plus they have an awesome collection of t-shirts.


Now to probably my favourite YouTuber that just does review, ChrisStuckamann, he is hands down the best lone movies reviewer on YouTube; I feel as though his videos are very simple but thats all they need to be as what a review is just your opinion and thats what he does so well. He actually inspired me to start this movie blog so if he is reading this (highly unlikely) then I would like to just thank you. This year he also did a phenomenal montage his best films of the year and I defiantly recommend you check out that video below and also subscribe to his channel as his reviews are great.

Who are your favourite movie YouTubers? Feel free to tell me in the comments below. Thank you very much for reading.


2 Responses to My Favourite YouTube Movie Reviewers

  1. Chris Stuckmann says:

    Hey man! Thanks a lot for the kind words! I’m glad to have inspired you!

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