Movie Review – The Artist

I know that this review maybe a little late for some of you but The Artist hasn’t actually been out for that long over hear and I have just got round to seeing it. Now the first thing I need to say about this film is when you go and see it don’t keep thinking about how you might not like a silent film, if you do you will really struggle to enjoy this film. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy this film but I really don’t get all the hype about it being nominated for best picture at the Academy Awards.

If you are unaware of what The Artist is and what its about here is a brief synopsis, The Artist centres on silent movie star George Valentin who’s career begins to struggle as talkies came along, yes it sounds exactly like Singing In The Rain. That is my first gripe with the film is that the story is very familiar which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I felt while watching it that it had all been done before.

Where this film really shines is when it comes to the acting, everyone in this films is phenomenal especially Jean Dujardin. I completely agree with that Oscar nomination, his performance is definitely worth some recognition; it is so impressive how into his character he gets and how three-dimensional he makes him. He was a delight to watch delivering an amazing performance with over acting it. Another great star in this film is the dog, yes that’s right, the dog. The dog in this film supplied most of the laughs and “awww’s” from the audience, he is astonishingly trained its just a shame their isn’t an Oscar for best animal actor because this dog would easily take that award. The chemistry between the dog and Jean Dujardin makes this film beautiful, smart and hilarious.

The Artist takes the whole style of silent movies, filmed with no sound, in black and white and a 1:33 aspect ratio, this truly is a film from the 1920’s it was just released 80 years later, which left me with the thought if we still wanted to watch silent movies then they never would have disappeared into thin air. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much you will like this films, I went in thinking I would not like this at all but after me being a bit tentative about the whole silent thing for the first ten minutes of the movie I still managed to enjoy it. The problem with this film is that I couldn’t get passed the feeling that the whole of this film was just a gimmick to attempt to break some Oscar records.

This film has some beautifully choreographed dance scenes that will cause you to adore this film even more. I felt as though this film is a like the shiny new toy that everyone wants to play with but halfway through you start to grow tired and want another new toy. I still think after seeing this film that it is just a gimmick and that the storyline falls short of the sweet spot. The Artist isn’t bad it is just not perfect, I seriously struggle to see all of the hype that it has been surrounded in, I really did like this film but it does have its fair share of flaws. Drive, 50/50 and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo were all better than this and they should have not been snubbed by the Academy as I feel this film was made just to please them. It is this films uniqueness in a modern film industry filled with remakes and CGI heavy action flicks that makes this film a must watch; maybe a blast from the past is us and the film industry really need. Despite all the flaws this film is beautiful, charming and unmissable, I do recommend this film I just don’t agree with all those five-star flawless reviews out there.


4 Responses to Movie Review – The Artist

  1. Hayley Rare says:

    I loved the artist, it was interesting to see the time before films with sound as is the plot of the story in Singing In The Rain Tickets. Really refreshing change to the typically films brought on nowadays anyway (:

  2. totally agree with u…though i enjoyed it, i cnt believe it won the oscars…m pretty pissed actually this year…they left out drive…commmooonnn….

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