The Trailer And Poster For ‘The Bourne Legacy’

A trailer and poster for the upcoming Tony Gilroy instalment in the Bourne series. The Bourne Legacy centres on a CIA operative in the same fictional world as Jason Bourne. Jeremy Renner is play the CIA operative Aaron Cross, Edward Norton stars as Byer and Rachel Weisz stars as Marta. I am really unsure about this film the trailer make it just look like a typical action movie just with the name Bourne stuck to it and thats basically what it is; the newer books that weren’t written by Robert Ludlum received awful reviews and I have a feeling the films will as well. You can see The Bourne Legacy on 3rd August 2012 (USA) and 17th August (UK) and I’m not sue yet whether I will be checking it out but you can check out the poster and trailer below.


What do you think? Are you as unsure as me? Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

One Response to The Trailer And Poster For ‘The Bourne Legacy’

  1. Axy says:

    Holy mother of trailers! XD I was just watching this trailer when I got an email with the new post of the exact same movie. LOL. 3 of my favorite actors are here, so this better be good!

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