Buy A Blu-Ray A Week – USA

Blu-Rays To BUY

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas – This is a hilarious festive addition to the Harold And Kumar series; I was really let down by Escape From Guantanamo  Bay but this one really redeemed the series for me. If possible you have to see this in 3D, I know you don’t hear that a lot but this film was made to take the piss out of 3D and it does its job brilliantly. The third instalment again stars John Cho and Kal Penn who have brilliant chemistry together but who really shines in this film is of course Neil Patrick Harris who has finally been given even more screen time than the other films and he is hilarious. This is a great festive comedy that you need to watch; I have now added it to my yearly movies I watch at Christmas time and you should do the same.

Lady And The Tramp – An amazing disney classic that is great for anyone of any ages, this is obviously a re-release but it is defiantly worth your cash this week. I would recommend this film to anyone with a family, you and your kids will love every second of it; its funny, romantic and beautifully made. Admittedly is isn’t the best Walt Disney film but it is still a great film and shows a newer generation what animation used to be like. This film also has a glimpse of Christmas in it so you could have a Christmas double feature in February.


Blu-Rays To AVOID

Anonymous – I know a few people that actually liked this film but I thought that it was pretty poor, the acting in this wasn’t the best I have ever seen the best part of the whole film was the costume design which I actually thought was quite impassive. The storyline and script are bizarre and are so unbelievable, yes some people may enjoy it and like the bizarreness of it, but it just didn’t wash with me.

All of the above Blu-rays are released on February 7th in the USA. So which Blu-ray will you be picking up this week? Feel free to comment below what you will be buying. Thanks again for reading.

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