Should You Shelter Away From ‘Take Shelter’? (Movie Review)

Take Shelter centres on father and husband Curtis (Michael Shannon) a man who is crippled by horrific visions so he decides to build a shelter in his back garden leading the locals to think he has lost his mind.

Everyone knows that Michael Shannon is an astonishing actor and he does not disappoint in this movie, I personally think that this is his best movie. He manages to bring so much depth and emotion into his performance that you feel heartbroken for him as his visions become worse and worse as you fear for him and his family. Jessica Chastain also brings a great performance as Curtis’ wife Samantha brings sense of strength and security to the insecure family.

When this film really shines is the visions that Curtis has, they are filmed beautifully with a subtle use of CGI bringing some very harrowing and disturbing scenes to the film. I thought it was amazing how the hallucinations were blended into normal scenes so you wouldn’t know until something happened that it was all in his mental mind.

I thought that Take Shelter is a beautifully directed and breathtakingly acted film that you need to tell all your friends about as it is seriously underrated.



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