Monthly Blu-Ray Update – February

I have decided that I will record my growing blu-ray collection and share it with you, my faithful readers every month. I will tell you which blu-rays I bought this month with a brief review on the blu-ray and then tell you which one I recommend helping you build your own collection. So without further ado lets get started.

This is my current blu-ray collection:

I know I have a few crappy films in their but try and find me a single person that doesn’t have a single bad movie in their collection. Some that I recommend you don’t buy are; From Paris With Love, The Mechanic, Arn – The Knights Templar, The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragons Emperor and Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. In my opinion they are pretty poor movies and I really don’t think they are worth buying unless they are seriously cheap.

Now onto the movies that I have in my collection you should most definitely buy; I obviously can’t suggest all of them but I will tell you my top ones, they aren’t necessarily my favourite movies but they are good films that really flaunt your home cinema system. This is not specific to my collection but you should most definitely purchase any Pixar movie, the best in my collection is Toy Story 3 I personally think it is very hard to choose a favourite Toy Story movie but number three is defiantly the best looking blu-ray out them all; this is a film that you need to buy if you really want to show off the picture quality of your brand new television.

My next recommendation isn’t a film exactly it is the Band Of Brothers HBO series; this is a seriously good series that has been beautifully transferred to blu-ray with phenomenal picture quality and amazing sound as the soldiers enter battle. This isn’t just a series that will just test your system to the max but it is also thoroughly enjoyable with amazing acting from Damien Lewis. This is a must buy and as it is a couple of years old you should be able to find it cheap.

Another worthy mention is the breathtaking Dark Knight, this is by far one of the best Batman films of all time, with great performances all round especially from the late Heath Ledger playing the villainous Joker. If you do not have this in your collection already I demand you to stop reading this and go to your local record store to pick this one up. This is another film that truly maxes out the capabilities of your home cinema system. This blu-ray also comes with a large extensive range of extras branching from behind the scenes to the deleted scenes.

My final recommendation is of course the Harry Potter 1-8 Collection this is a must buy for anyone who is a Harry Potter fan, if you hate the films (I don’t see who would) then this might not be the purchase for you but I seriously think it is worth every penny. From the very first to the last they all look stunning in high definition and beautiful sound; the only downside of this collection is that there are only a smidgin of extras for the first 5 films.

What did you think of the idea of a monthly blu-ray segment? I hope you enjoyed it, please give me suggestions in the comments below. Thank you very much for reading.


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