‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ (2011) Review

There will be a lot of comparisons in this review to the 2009 Swedish Girl With The Dragon Tattoo so if you have no read my review for that one check it out on my blog.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is the latest film by phenomenal director David Fincher, it is a remake of the Swedish version which I liked quite a lot as I do this one, but is it better? The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo centres on Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) and his search for a killer of women who may have been behind the killing of a girl who has been missing for the past forty years, with help from Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara).

First off the acting, the acting in this film was superb, Rooney Mara blew me away; her portrayal of Lisbeth is by far superior to that of Noomi Repace. As much as I loved Noomi Repace‘s Lisbeth I just thought that Rooney Mara played the character with much more depth and darkness; she played the disturbing scenes so beautifully, if she doesn’t win and Oscar I will lose my only remaining faith in the Academy. Rooney Mara is usually so gorgeous and it is a drastic transformation from her usual style but I think she fits into the character perfectly. Daniel Craig also did a great job playing journalist Mikael Blomvist, I also much preferred his portrayal of the character than that of its Swedish counterpart.

Straight from the breathtaking opening credits you know exactly what you are getting yourself into, a dark twisted rape filled roller coaster. It may sound wrong but it was the best roller coaster I have ever ridden. The soundtrack of this film is insane, the cover of Immigrant Song is one of the best covers of a song I have ever heard, I love it so much I think it is better than the original.

David Fincher has managed to do another astonishing job at directing, he really never fails to disappoint. This film is beautifully shot perfectly capturing the darkness of this film through the style of shooting. I prefer the style and the directing of this film to the Swedish version as it just fills a lot more sinister and fits more smoothly with the film.

I only have one problem with this film, the length it is two hours and forty minutes long and it seriously struggles to hold my attention for the full length of the film. I know some people will say it has to be this long to include everything possible from the book but when it comes down to it its just a typical detective film and I felt that two hours and forty was way to long for this film. I know David Fincher makes quite a few long films but whereas Zodiac managed to hold my attention throughout and that was just a typical crime fiction, nevertheless I still loved this movie.

If you are one for happy jolly movies then this is definitely not one for you to check out but if you are a fan of the books, the Swedish film or just films in general I can guarantee you will like this film. A lot of people will start to get tried of this film in the middle but don’t worry stick with it and it will pick its self back up for the climactic ending. Even though I am going to give this the same rating as the Swedish version, I prefer this version mainly due to David Fincher’s brilliant directing style and Rooney Mara’s Oscar worthy performance.


The amazing opening sequence is below, with Karen O and Trent Reznor’s Immigrant song.


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