‘Friends With Kids’ Review

Friends With Kids centres on group of 2 couples with kids and two best friends that decide to have a child together as they both haven’t met “the one”. Friends With Kids stars a lot of the same actors/actresses as Bridesmaids, starring: Kristin Wiig, Chris O’Dowd, Maya Rudolf and Josh Hamm. I really like Chris O’Dowd as I am a huge fan of The IT Crowd (A UK comedy which is defiantly worth checking out if you haven’t seen it yet) and I am really glad to see him in a lot more movies.

The acting in this film is exactly what you would expect from a rom com with the big names not taking the front role leaving the spotlight for Adam Scott an Jennifer Westfeldt. Kristin Wiig is brilliant in this as she always is, its just a shame she didn’t have a big role to play.

While watching this I couldn’t get past the feeling that it felt just like a sitcom which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This film has some laugh out loud moments but when it comes to drama moments I feel as though it is seriously lacking, I would have much preferred it if they stuck to comedy.

Jennifer Westfeldt did a much better job of directing, writing and producing than starring in it. She could have easily cut off at least 15 minutes of the film as when it hits the one hour, twenty minutes it starts to get a bit tiring and boring as you sit there waiting for the inevitable ending.

This movie will probably be loved by millions of women and it does what it was made to do by supplying a few laughs intertwined with a love story. This films biggest flaw is that it is just too long and begins to lag quite badly towards the end and it leaves you wishing it would just hurry up and get to the ending. I would say this is a DVD rental buy not a cinema experience; if you get dragged to it by your girlfriend don’t worry you will still get a few laughs out of it.

Friends With Kids hits cinemas 9th March (USA) with no UK release date.


Here is the trailer for Friends With Kids

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