‘War Horse’ Review

War Horse centres on a horse, Joey, and follows him throughout his many different owners, starting off in Devon (where I live) with Albert (Jeremy Irvine) moving on through several owners and even venturing into war.

The performances in this film are phenomenal with a huge range of well known actors making an appearance, Tom Hiddleston plays the third owner of Joey, he only plays a short part in the film but it is a very well performed one at that, he will definitely be in many films to come. Another noticeable performance is from Emily Watson, again she only has a small part as Albert’s mother but she doesn’t disappoint; her perfect timing and emotive looks create a great performance. But the best performance of the whole film has to be from the horse, Joey, producing some very moving scenes that will make you think how you could be so moved by an animal.

The beautiful score was done by the brilliant John Williams and you can tell that by listening to the astonishing quality of every second of this perfection. The score fits perfectly with the movie making it seem even more moving than it is; you always expect the best from John Williams and he didn’t disappoint again.

Everyone knows that Steven Spielberg is one of the best directors alive today and it really shows in the film, he has judged every scene perfectly making every second of this film look stunning. It was great seeing the Devon countryside from great heights and it really reminds me of how gorgeous Devon really is.

There are just some very small issues with this film, but this is just nitpicking. The film does lag a little bit by the time you are an hour and a half in but it really doesn’t take long before it to pick its self back up to the amazing standard it started with. This film is a great directing achievement, with excellent acting and breathtaking scenery but it isn’t the most entertaining film to watch, yes its great and very interesting but its not entertaining enough.

This is a film you should definitely pop down to your local theatre to see as the stunning shots are best scene on the biggest screen possible. I just think it is a shame that this film didn’t win any Golden Globes, this is definitely the best film I have seen in 2012 (even though it was out in 2011 in America) But this is a definite watch and I can’t wait for the blu-ray release so I can experience it in my own home.


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