Buy A Blu-Ray A Week – USA

This is going to be a weekly article telling you the Blu-ray’s you should buy and avoid in the week ahead. I am going to do this for both USA and UK so I apologise if you are a reader from another country; this one is for USA. Let’s get started.

Blu-Rays To Buy

The Ides Of March – This film won’t be for everyone but it is definitely worth your time. It is a great political thriller with another phenomenal performance from Ryan Gosling and George Clooney; Clooney is also the director of this film and what a great job he has done. This is a definite buy even if your not into politics I can   guarantee you will still love this movie.

Good Morning, Vietnam – Yes I know this is not a modern film but it is a new release for blu-ray celebrating the 25th anniversary. This is one of, if not Robin Williams finest film; we finally got a glimpse of how he can give a sterling performance and a comedic genius at the same time. This film gives you a great insight into the Vietnam war and you must check this one out.

Citizen Cane – This is another re-release but for the first time on blu-ray celebrating the 70th anniversary of the amazing classic. This film has breathtaking performances throughout with a engaging storyline. This is one of the greatest movies of all time and is a definite buy, no questions needed. This weeks recommendation!

Blu-Rays To AVOID
Abduction – Is there anything less you want to watch than Taylor Lautner playing a wannabe Jason Bourne. Please trust me in this you will not want to see this movie; even if you like pointless action films with no storyline you will still hate this pointless fail of an action flick. For the love of God don’t go near this movie.

Bucky Larson:Born To Be A Star – Now if you thought Abduction was awful this one will make you cower behind the sofa just for how diabolical this film is. It attempts to be funny with me and the rest of the cinema not laughing at a single gag. The acting, storyline and jokes are so poor it makes this one of the worst films of 2011. This weeks stinker!

Tell me in the comments below which film/s you will be picking up this week


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