My Top 11 Films Of 2011

I personally think that 2011 has been a very poor year for movies; yes we have had some great films as you will see in my list, but we have also seen some stinkers such as the absolute abomination that is ‘Jack And Jill’. The preview of 2011 looked like it was going to be one of the best years for movies in a while, that turned out not to be true, we had movies that were set to blow us away ‘J. Edgar’ and ‘War Horse’ and they turned out to only be okay. We have seen some phenomenal performances from Ryan Gosling in Drive to a surprisingly good performance from Seth Rogen in 50/50. Right enough chat from me lets get this list started. (If at any point you don’t know the synopsis of the movies I’m on about I have included the trailers so you can get a brief idea and I think that’s a better way for you to find out than me attempt to explain it)

11. X-Men First Class – First thing that needs to be said about this film, it is the best X-Men film out of them all no arguments needed. It is a great story showing the formation and destruction of friendships. If you had any doubts about Michael Fassbender as an actor this will put those fears to rest, he steals the show and also has the coolest scene in the whole film, the knife throw (can be seen in the trailer below). This serves as a perfect prequel for the X-Men series and as a huge fan of the comics and the film series (apart from number 3, no-one likes number 3) I am thoroughly impressed at the job Matthew Vaughn has managed to pull of, lets just hope there is a sequel on the way and that it can match the quality of this one.

10. Source Code – I’m going to be honest and hold my hands up and say I wasn’t actually that much of a fan of Duncan Jones directorial debut ‘Moon’ let the hate mail begin. This second attempt from Duncan Jones blew me away, had this been his first feature film I would have been sold. I know that many people began to get bored and tired of the same 8 minutes of time being played over again, not me, I loved it; it kept me on my seat for the whole film thinking of what would happen next. The special effects in this film were subtle yet extremely well done, there is one scene where Jake Gyllenhaal jumps from the train (seen in the trailer below) and this was filmed in ones continuous shot and it blows my mind every time. This film is beautifully directed, acted and just all round a spectacular film.

9. Submarine – Many of you may remember the hilarious television programme on Channel 4 a few years ago ‘The IT Crowd’ well Moss has directed a movie and this is it. This is Richard Ayoade’s first feature film and after watching this feel it leaves you thinking “why are we only seeing his films now” this is a beautifully crafted production leaving you gazing at the screen in amazement as you watch. The directing isn’t the only magnificent thing about this, the soundtrack which is all done by Alex Turner of the ‘Arctic Monkeys’, fits the film magically, this is actually the first ever movie soundtrack I have purchased and continued to listen to till this very day. You can’t talk about ‘Submarine’ without mentioning the truly remarkable acting from the two teenagers; I only hope that we will see them in more films in the future.

8. Attack The Block – Yet another film that is from a newcomer to the film industry, this is Joe Cornish’s first film and what a way to start his career. When I first saw the trailer I wasn’t very impressed by what I saw, I thought it looked like another attempt at a sci-fi comedy, oh boy was I naive this movie is the perfect mix of modern British comedy and fast paced science fiction action. I’m sure that this film will get at least a couple BAFTA nominations and hopefully it will get at least one deserved win.

7. Midnight In Paris – Again I’m about to say another thing that I’m sure will rage a few people but I haven’t seen many Woody Allen films but after watching this I am going to go back and view his whole life’s work. I thought this movie was funny and very clever; I like how it didn’t need to explain why Owen Wilson’s character jumped through time you just accepted that it happened and took in the beauty of the film. If Woody Allen doesn’t get an Academy Award nomination for best director I will loose all faith in the Hollywood press.

6. Super 8 – I was one of those nerds that followed this movie since the astounding teaser trailer in March 2010, I was only daily looking up the latest on this films exciting viral ads. Admittedly I was a little disappointed by this film because of all the hype I had built up in my own head but I was still astonished by the quality of this films. The directing and cinematography of this film was magnificent I was literally drooling over the look of this films. Nothing in this film compared to the quality of the action delivered by the child actors, this is the lead child actors film and you never would have guessed, without checking ‘IMDB’ I thought he had been acting for years. These children have a long career ahead of the especially Elle Fanning, in a few years she will be huge. It’s a shame this was a summer movie, which will mean no Oscar nominations for J.J. 

5. Warrior – I am one of those people who were bored of fighting movies but then this one came along and made me fall in love with them all over again. This is the simple underdog story with a family drama twist between two brothers and their recently on the wagon father. The thing I usually hate about fighter movies is the how much or how little fight scenes they show but this one shows the perfect amount of remarkable UFC scenes. You don’t need to be UFC nut to get into this films I don’t even know what UFC stands for but I still loved this film. The acting of this film is of a new standard; Nick Nolte is bound to get an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor.

4. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 – There is no surprise this in my list, it is in most people list this year. This was my most anticipated of the year and it didn’t disappoint, yes it’s not my number 1 but that’s because I preferred other films but don’t get wrong I still loved it. There isn’t really much that can be said about this film as everyone knows how amazing it was and what was amazing about it so there’s no need to repeat what you all already know.

3. The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes – This may seem quite high on my list but that is because I was so surprised by this film; on first view of the trailer I loved it but to be honest I thought it would be a flop and a very big one at that, boy was I wrong. The visual effects absolutely blew me away; this is one of the best uses of motion capture I have ever seen. You can’t mention motion capture without the mention of Andy Serkis, his performance in this really got my attention, you can tell that his performance was filled with so much heart that when Ceaser was sent into the sanctuary I actually felt heartbreak for the character as I would if it was a human. This was the film the ‘Planet Of The Apes’ series really need to get it back on its feet after a string of awful movies we finally have one that is worthy of a sequel. 

2. Drive – This film was very close to being my film of the year, it actually was my favorite film of 2011 until I saw 50/50 but it was extremely close between the two and I have spent a lot of time thinking which one was the best and I finally decided on one. On my first viewing of Drive I thought it was pretty good film but not worthy of this list, but on second viewing I fell in love with it. Ryan Gosling’s silent yet powerful performance is phenomenal, along with Carey Mulligan who never fails to disappoint. A lot of people didn’t like this movie because of the scenes of extreme violence but I thought they fitted perfectly with the very gritty feel of the film

1. 50/50 – This is it. This is my favorite film of the year. “Why?” I hear you ask; well I’m about to tell you the exact reasons why I loved this film so much. Well first of all lets just say I have an extremely vast soft spot for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I think he is a terrific actor and doesn’t receive anywhere near enough credit for what he does and this film is no exception; his performance is mind blowing and so moving. A lot of people were worried going into this movie because a comedy cancer movie could go horrifically wrong and you know what it didn’t. There is a perfect mix of comedy, drama and tears, the jokes aren’t cheesy or poorly executed, and they are perfect. This is actually one of the few films where I haven’t to get out my seat and punch the screen until I can no longer see Seth Rogen, surprisingly I enjoyed him in this, he wasn’t his usually cocky annoying self he toned it down which I liked. It’s just a shame that all the awards nominations released so far barely include any nominations for 50/50 we can only hope for the Academy Awards but I’m not holding out much hope.

So that’s it these are my ‘Top 11 Films Of 2011’ usually I will be covering movie news, rumor and review but I thought this would be a good way to start of my blog so please stick around for daily news updates.


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